Colin’s 4 reasons why Ohio State will win the National Championship

Colin explains why Ohio State is his pick to win the college football National Championship.

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- I have Ohio State winning the national championship, and here are the four reasons why. Number one, Urban Meyer. After losing a bowl game, Urban, he's only lost two, has come back to win the national title. And this was the most humiliating loss in Urban Meyer's career. He made coaching changes. He was angry. He is motivated.

The years twice Urban lost a ball game and people doubted Ohio State, they came back and won the national title. This will be the most focused Urban Meyer of his career. The loss to Clemson was humiliating. He was angry. I know enough about urban to know this will be his most motivated coaching year of his career.

Number two, they have a starting quarterback, J.T. Barrett, who has played 30 games. won 26 of them. Two of those losses are to Clemson. Clemson is not in the Big 10. This is a quarterback that returns four of his five top offensive linemen, his best tight end, his best wide receiver, and his best running back.

When you can get a veteran star quarterback that gets his offensive line, tight ends, running backs, receivers back-- I've said this about Washington-- that offense is going to be outstanding. Generally, if you've got a bunch of stars on offense, they move. In college basketball they always move to the next level. They're all coming back for Ohio State.

The third reason is the returning defensive players. Ohio State scored seven defensive touchdowns last year. They returned every single top defensive lineman, all but one of their linebackers. They return six of their top seven defensive players on a defense that at times last year was ball-consuming, handcuffing, and suffocating. This will be the best defensive line in college football in years. Already Greg Schiano, one of the coaches, said, it's better than two of the defensive lines he had in the NFL.

And the fourth reason is schedule. It matters. It's why I like Washington so much and they play on this network Friday. They've got three really, really tough games. Let's start with Oklahoma. Oh, wait, they get nine days to prepare for the Sooners. Then they have to play Penn State. Oh, wait. It's at home off a bye week. But they do go to Michigan. Urban Meyer, at Ohio State anyway, has never lost to Michigan. And by the way Michigan has to face incredibly physical Wisconsin the week before.

The schedule is absolutely perfect. It's my say it out loud test. Great coach, motivated, senior quarterback, brings back his weapons, six of your best defensive players in the box, and a perfect made-to-order schedule. I feel very strongly that Ohio State is the national champion.

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