Chris Broussard explains why LeBron James to the Spurs would be a good fit

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Could LeBron James end up on the San Antonio Spurs? Chris Broussard explains to Colin Cowherd why it could happen.

- I think "LeBronzo" is going to happen. You have been pessimistic on LeBron and the Lakers-- if dare I say "pessimistic." You don't think it's going to happen.

- No. I'm not saying it can't. I'm just saying it's certainly not the done deal that a lot of people think it is. And look, if Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram have a great year and show tremendous promise, than those two, with Paul George and LeBron James-- that's a very good team.

But I'm saying, as it stands right now, as the landscape is, and what we can tell at this point, if LeBron leaves Cleveland, and if it is all about winning, which it should be-- it shouldn't be about Hollywood, being a movie star, building your brand and your business. He's got all that already, and can have it when he retires. If it's about winning, go to San Antonio. There's only one place to go if you leave Cleveland and you want to win championships-- San Antonio.

With Kawhi, LeBron, and Popovich, I would put them-- if LeBron went there, I would put them right even with the Golden State Warriors.

- Oh! Yeesh!

- I think it'd be a pick-'em.

- Well, I'll pick 'em. I'll pick 'em the Warriors.

- Really? I have to-- look. Golden-- first of all, San Antonio with close already this year with just one star in Kawhi. Give them LeBron and they can compete with the Warriors-- maybe even beat them.