He has no heart: Paulie Malignaggi has bold words for Conor McGregor

Paulie Malignaggi talks Conor on 'The Herd' on Wednesday.

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- I think you and Conor, I would be fascinated. I'd like to see UFC boxing guys. Give me one of those a year. I think it's interesting. If tomorrow you were offered a fight, A, would you take it from Conor, and do you think he'd be willing to fight you or is he concerned that if he loses, his tough guy brand is over?

- I'll tell why Conor's concerned to fight me, because he knows what really happened in the sparring session. You see, you can't edit Saturday night's ass whipping. You could easily edit it. I mean, you could take a couple of-- you could take-- you could take a couple of--


Imagine this Colin, you could take-- if nobody saw that fight Saturday night, you could take a couple of highlights out of the first three rounds and make a 15 second clip out of it and make it look like Conor McGregor actually did good against Floyd Mayweather. But the reality of it is, he got his ass whipped, you know. So you can't edit the fight when everybody sees it, you know what I'm saying. So at day's end, he's not going to want to fight me, because he can't edit that.

He knows what really happened in that sparring session. He can edit it all he wants, because it was behind closed doors, and nobody saw it. But if we're going to fight in real life, if we're going to fight for the whole world to see, he can't edit that. And his image is going to take a major hit, because I will make him quit just like Floyd made him quit. The guy-- you don't have to really even be that good. You just got to get him to the point where he quits, because he himself wants to quit when to push-- when the going gets hard.

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