Kevin Durant’s new Nike shoe is inspired by cupcakes

Krstine Leahy and Colin Cowherd weigh in on Kevin Durant's new shoes. Hear what they had to say about the Golden State Warriors star's choice of footwear.

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- --the new shoe coming out with Nike. I believe it comes out on the 1st, and it is called the Red Velvet shoe, which is interesting because let's put up the-- yeah. So remember the cupcake t-shirts--

- Yeah.

- --that everyone was wearing in OKC when Kevin Durant went to the Warriors? And then he actually wore a cupcake hat after they won. So he was kind of making fun of this whole cupcake theme. So now his Red Velvet shoe is a take on the cupcakes, and a lot of the pictures have a bunch of red velvet cupcakes around them. I think these are really cool, even if they had nothing to do with the cupcakes at all or red velvet.

- Yeah, I like the shoe.

- I think-- there you go. I think they're really cool shoes.

- Yeah, I like them, too.

- I like them a lot. And I like Nike a lot. So good for Kevin Durant again making fun of himself and being lighthearted.

- Agree, Kristine, with the news.

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