Floyd Mayweather is the Iowa football of boxing – Doug Gottlieb explains

Doug Gottlieb joins Colin Cowherd in studio to talk about Floyd Mayweather's win over Conor McGregor on Saturday in Las Vegas, NV.

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- So how's Floyd Iowa football?

- Well, just in he's brilliant with who he's fought when he's fought them. Right? Like he waited out Pacquiao until Pacquiao was over the hill. When he thought Oscar, Oscar was over the hill. He fought a non boxer and coming out of two years of retirement who had no shot.

He is the greatest-- Danny Ocean couldn't have pulled off a greater heist. That's what it was. You know how great a heist? He was wearing a mask walking in, and when asked about it, he was like, what do you think it is? They are like it's a heist? Like yeah, it's a heist.

It was such a great con that even Conor didn't know he was conned. Afterwards Conor was asked, and he thought he was winning. He was like it was great. I was like, no you weren't. He wasn't throwing any punches. He was taking losing out of the equation. And from the scheduling and who he fights, when he fights, creating this fictitious 50 and 0 record, it's not that he's not a great fighter, but the greatest of all time? Boxing guys are like, not really. Probably not even greatest in his weight class.

He's a great fighter. But the record makes us think he's the goat. And he tells us that he's the goat. And then they created this image that Conor McGregor could knock him out. Conor McGregor hit him with an upper cut with his left hand in the first round. It did nothing to Floyd. He had no shot of winning that. But he allowed doubt to creep in. And he made it so that a 10 round fight that was never really competitive made us think like it was a great fight. It wasn't a great fight. There was not one moment where you thought he was going to lose.

- Not a second.

- There was a split second for me in like the first or second round.

- The only thing that's ridiculous about--

- It entered my mind.

- This is what's ridiculous about boxing. The first round that Conor won, everybody thinks Conor won because Floyd didn't throw-- he through four punches. Right?

- Right.

- That that round counts the exact same as say the ninth round when Conor McGregor could barely keep his hands up because he was so exhausted. And he was basically like a speed bag for Floyd Mayweather. Right? The scoring in boxing is ridiculous. That's the only way in which maybe somehow if Floyd decided to clap-- the only way he could lose was if he walked into a left hand.

- Just walked into-- and by the way then it would take a combination or two after that.

- Right, like walking into a left hand where he's stunned, and then Conor goes in, and tries to goes in for the kill. And he's smart enough to put his hands up and allow Conor to-- all his heavy punches. Beautiful strategy, winning on conditioning, winning on intelligence.

- Yeah.

- And then the fight was not really-- there was never a moment to which they're standing and trading punches in the ring.

- Never.

- Not one moment. But you have people walking away going, that was a great fight. Like, no it wasn't. We make the mistake of entertaining is great. We do that-- I'm a big 12 guy. I love big 12 football.

- It's not great.

- No. but it's way more entertaining than big 10. Way more entertaining than the SEC. Because we have guys-- because you go down to Texas Tech, and first one to 75 wins.

- Right.

- It's wildly entertaining. That was entertaining because of the tattoos, the image, the suit, the interviews. All of that was great. It was not a great fight. And it only proves that Floyd Mayweather is the greatest con artist in the history of Las Vegas that has produced so many. Whether you want to call him a magician, a con artist, whatever. That was a magnificent heist he pulled off on the American public on Saturday night.

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