Peter Schrager: The Miami Dolphins could surprise this year

Can the Dolphins be better than everyone thinks? Peter Schrager breaks down why that might be the case.

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- The team that I'm watching in the AFC is the Miami Dolphins. Hear me out here. Adam Gase, Colin, 39 years old. He has them like it's a college program. And you might roll your eyes at that. But they've all bought in. I've been down there. It's unbelievable what they're doing. Last year, he cut two starting offensive linemen in the middle of the season and said, you're not playing up the stuff. Everybody's job is up for grabs every single week. He has these guys beyond motivated, because no one is talking about them. No one's respecting them, and the offense is loaded.

All right, we'll talk about Cutler in a second. Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills, and DeVante Parker could be the best receiver trio in the league. Mike Pouncey could be the best center in the league. Jay Ajayi might lead the league in rushing this year, and then there's Cutler. Cutler gets a bad rap. I get it. He worked in 93 days at Fox college. It was wonderful being his colleague. It was really-- it was a memorable time.

That said, this guy is in incredible shape, is completely reset with his life, and the Cutler we knew when he was in Chicago was a 26-year-old single guy living in Chicago as the quarterback in a cold weather city with veterans Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs in the locker room. He comes in, and midway through his career, is told, oh, you're diabetic. Go deal with that while you have all these things going on. All right, here we are five, six years later. Cutler is coming back with a clean slate. He's got his diabetes under control. He's got a wife. He's got three kids.

He's playing in a warm weather situation, and oh, yeah. The guy who brought him in is the coach who got him his greatest season as a pro. I'm telling you, the reports are raving about the Dolphins offense and the dolphins quarterback. I'm telling you, no one's talking about Miami. The Patriots, they're number one. No one's going to really say that-- in a straight face, say, they're going to be challenged by the Dolphins.

But if you're looking for an AFC championship opponent, and you're not in the Pittsburgh or the Oakland or the Houston train, get on the Dolphins train. This team is loaded top to bottom, and they are ready to pounce.

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