The Cavaliers reportedly did not learn anything new from Isaiah Thomas physical — can they get more from the Celtics?

Are the Cavs trying to get more out of their blockbuster trade with the Celtics?

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- So this is a report, not from me-- it's just a report that says that the Cavs learned nothing new about Isaiah Thomas' injured hip when they conducted his physical. So the only argument that they could make is that they were misled--


- --from the beginning. However, there is no legally binding thing in the rules that says that they can't, once they perform a physical if there is a legitimate medical reason, they can waive the trade. They have seven days to do that in the summer, 48 hours to do it in the season. Whether or not the Celtics told them about it is irrelevant. So my personal take on this situation is that the Cavs realized after they made this trade that they didn't really feel like they got everything they wanted. And so they're saying, he didn't pass our physical even though it's no new information. And they're trying to get something else now from the Celtics.

- Well, I told you this. I thought Boston won the deal. Everybody kept telling me Cleveland won.

- So? A deal is a deal, and you can't go back later and be like, eh, we don't really like that anymore. Let's try to get something else out of it.

- Well, you can try to do that. It doesn't--

- You can try. But I think that that will deter teams from trading with you in the future.

- Well, if your speculation is true, it aligns with mine, which is Kyrie Irving is spectacular. Boston won the deal because they got the superstar. You can tell me I got a high schooler and a seven-footer in Jae Crowder. That doesn't equal Kyrie Irving.

- Maybe, maybe not. But I don't think there were a lot of other teams willing to make the same trade that the Celtics were. I think the Celtics gave them the most bang for their buck.

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