Can Matt Ryan and the Falcons rebound from their epic Super Bowl loss?

Can Matt Ryan sustain the same kind of success that he had last season? Jason McIntyre joins Colin Cowherd to discuss.

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- Let's start with Colin Kaepernick, OK? Remember when he took the 49ers to the Super Bowl? They lost to the Ravens.

- Yeah, good game.

- Tough loss. That off season, all anybody said was Colin Kaepernick can be an all-time great. I believe our rival network was pumping him up as this guy could be top 10 quarterback of all time. How did Colin Kaepernick rebound from that Super Bowl loss? He went downhill. He was not nearly as good.

- His career evaporated.

- Completion percentage. Totally. Now went to the NFC title game, he had the three fourth-quarter turnovers, but it's like, huh, OK Kaepernick struggled. Maybe that was just one year. But what happened when Peyton Manning took the Broncos to the Super Bowl? Remember 55 TD passes, then they get shelled by Seattle in the Super Bowl. How does he respond the following year?

- He goes down significantly.

- Goes downhill because there's a pressure. You're the hunted if you go to the Super Bowl. The next year everybody's coming out gunning for you, and you know you want to get back to it, obviously, after losing, and Peyton did not-- I mean his numbers were good, but he was nowhere near leading the cat, leading the NFL in eight categories like you had the year before.

- So who was after that?

- Well, after Peyton Manning I mean your boy Cam Newton, right? We loved Cam Newton. We loved talking about him. He was the MVP. Carolina goes to the Super Bowl and what happened the following year? I forget.

- His quarterback rating literally is Tebow-esque. He fell off the cliff.

- His completion percentage was 52%. I mean that's the problem when you-- following up a Super Bowl year is very difficult, and Matt Ryan now, they lost a historic Super Bowl, up 28-3 in the third quarter. How's he going to respond against a first-place schedule? Four of their first six games are against playoff teams from last year.

- And here's the other thing that's being overlooked with Matt Ryan. Last year that division was atrocious defensively-- Carolina, Tampa, and New Orleans-- that Matt got to play twice, were all below 20th in the league in defense. And out of conference they played the Raiders' awful defense, the Packers beleaguered and beaten up defense, and the Niners' defense.

So it was just one of these outlier years where you had the perfect coordinator--

- Everything lined up. And now he's gone. He's out of there.

- And the schedule's tougher, and now you're the hunted not the hunting.

- I'm concerned about Matt Ryan. And just to put a button on this, there's no way that he could leap into the first tier of quarterbacks after one season. I know you love that story, but it seems like a total overreaction, right? Cam Newton after an MVP year, well, he's a top-five quarterback. He's not. No, he's not. He's not a top-five quarterback.

- In any business in the world, doesn't matter if it's a d.j., an architect, a per-ticket sales person. There's a lot of people listening to our show that are salespeople. You can go find Charlie Weiss's best year at Notre Dame and you can take his worst year at Kansas, but what is he? Take those two out, he's about an eight-win college quarterback, college coach.

You can take out a sales guy's worst year. He goes to a company, they fire their CEO, there's chaos at the company. I'm not going to define him that way. He has a great year when they introduce a new product. He is promoted. He has one huge consumer of his product, the hospital. I'm going to look the other eight years of his sales record. That will define him.

- People forget that Matt Ryan didn't get to the playoffs the two previous years. The knock on him early in his career was he couldn't push the ball down the field. And when he did get to the postseason, remember that Giants game they couldn't score?

- Yeah, I think they were 20-2 or something in the postseason.

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