Matt Stafford is now the highest paid player in NFL history — Colin explains why the Detroit Lions QB is worth it

Is Matt Stafford really worth all that money? Colin Cowherd explains why the Detroit Lions quarterback deserves every penny.

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- You pay Matt Stafford whatever the market bears. He is in a division with Aaron Rodgers. He's in the better conference, the NFC. That organization is a mess in the last 40 years. He is the duct tape holding it together. What is the price of Matt Stafford? What is the price of not having Matt Stafford? Let me lay out what it would be over the last five years-- 34 coaches, two complete staffs fired, 34 wives having to move the family again, 87 children pulled out of school again, having to restart their lives. Chaos, directionless, stress, human toll.

What is the price of Matt Stafford? Aren't you the people that complained about Matt Ryan's contract two, three years ago? And he led them to a Super Bowl, which Matt Stafford-- if he had a better ownership group, and a better GM, and better offensive lines, and better defenses, and an actual running back-- who could pick up 100 yards-- that hasn't happened in four years since Reggie Bush. Detroit hasn't had a singular player rush for 100 yards in four years. Reggie Bush was the last one. And he was out of his prime at that point.

Before Matt Stafford was quarterback, they went through Scott Mitchell, and Frank Reich, and Charlie Batch, and Gus Frerotte, and something called Stoney Case, and Ty Detmer, and Mike McMahon, and then Joey Harrington, and Jeff Garcia, and Jon Kitna, and Dan Orlovsky, who once ran out of the back of an end zone, Daunte Culpepper. And then Matt Stafford came in, beat up physically the first couple of years because the team was 0 and 16 and awful. And like Andrew Luck, he was a pinata back there. But you do realize since he's arrived since 2009, three winning records, playoffs three times, two 10-win seasons.

And you're wondering, what's he worth? Save money on paper towels, paper clips, dishwashing liquid, club soda, bottled water, vodka. Really. The $19 bottle's all the same. They distill the flavor out of it. It still gives you the same buzz. A little club soda, pinch of lime in there, it's all good. OK?

Best wide receiver retired early, inherited 0 and 16. Below-average owner, second head coach. And you want to save a few dollars on Matt Stafford? In the last three years, he completes 64% of his throws with no, let me repeat, no running back, who can pick up 100 yards a game. You pay whatever it takes.

Let me give you something that's also indicative of how valuable Matt Stafford is. OK, the Green Bay Packers have Aaron Rodgers, the most talented quarterback in the NFL. Brady's probably the best, all things considered, but Aaron Rodgers is the most talented. And Green Bay's historically a significantly better organization than the Detroit Lions. Let me give you the last 10 or so scores of Lions games and Packers games. Aaron Rodgers and a better organization against the sad-sack Lions with Matt Stafford; here's the scores-- 31-24, 34-27, 27-23, 16-18, 30-20, 19-7, 22-9, 27-20, 24-20. Oh, there was one blowout, 40-10. Matt Stafford won that one over Aaron Rodgers.

Matt Stafford allows you, when you line up, Lambeau or not, against the best organization and best quarterback in the game, you are in the game and have a chance to win the game. For the record, you're worked up over 25 large for a very good quarterback. Otto Porter makes $25 million for the Washington Wizards. He's not their first best player. He's not their second best player. There are nights he is not their third best player. Al Horford makes 27 large for the Celtics, Mike Conley almost 30 for the Grizzlies. Jrue Holiday makes $25 million for New Orleans. And Matt Stafford, in a division with the Packers and Aaron Rodgers, you're losing sleep over this? Save money on paper clips. You pay him whatever absolutely the market bears.

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