Floyd Mayweather’s strategy on Saturday toyed with UFC fans

Colin Cowherd reacts after Saturday's boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

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- Conor McGregor's tough, damn straight. Was better than I thought, absolutely. Landed a really good uppercut in the third or fourth round, no question, and deserves praise. He has real length. He's awkward.

But Floyd landed 55%, not of his jabs, of his power punches. That is a remarkable number. That's called methodical. The last four rounds weren't competitive. Floyd used Conor's face as a speed bag.

Just know this UFC fans. What you're bragging about is, hey, hey, those first three, three and 1/2 rounds, we dominated! Floyd strategy was toying with you, knowing that a UFC fighter was going to prove to the world he belonged and come out flailing.

And did you notice what Floyd did 20 seconds into this fight? He ran to the corner and ducked. He wasn't chased there. He wasn't angled in. He just moved to the corner and let Conor start flailing away.

Listen, Floyd's not what he once was. He's not. He's 40. It's over. He's going into the strip club business, and don't kid yourself, he's going into the promotion business.

But it was called rope-a-dope for a reason. Ali created it. Many fighters since then have duplicated it. Dope, toyed, using. One fighter had a game plan. Executed it perfectly.

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