Cowherd explains why Julian Edelman’s injury doesn’t hurt the Patriots’ AFC East chances

Colin Cowherd weighs in on the New England Patriots after Julian Edelman's injury.

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- I don't think it's going to hurt whatsoever. First of all, Gronk returns. He didn't play down the stretch. They've added Brandin Cooks, who is a stud from New Orleans. And I predict he will be a 1,200 yard performer. They also have Chris Hogan and Danny Amendola in the slot position. They've added tight end Dwayne Allen. They've added two running backs, including Rex Burkhead and Mike Gillislee, who will both be complementary pieces and can both catch. New England drafted a slot receiver named Austin Carr. And remember, the Jets and the Bills are tanking in their division, and Miami lost their starting quarterback.

So I mean, you can just write it down. They're going to win 13 plus games. They're going to have a bye, then they're going to host the next playoff game. They gotta win two playoff games to get to the Super Bowl. And they're getting a bye, and then they're going to be hosting somebody. So they have a better receiving corps this year, even with the Edelman injury. And the-- Not only the Bills and the Jets tanking, essentially, but the Dolphins lost their starting quarterback. And I like Jay Cutler, but I don't like him that much.

I think they'll regress. And they also-- New England has an emerging young star receiver named Malcolm Mitchell. Post Thanksgiving last year, he had 28 catches and three touchdowns, including six catches in the Super Bowl. So this Malcolm Mitchell that you're seeing right there is an emerging star who didn't play a ton until post Thanksgiving. Julian Edelman is a really nice piece. He was tied for sixth last year in touchdowns on their team. He had three.

New England a well-run business. A well-run business is not dismantled by the loss of a really good employee. OK, never forget this. JJ Watt was out last year for Houston. They're not nearly as well-run as New England. JJ Watt was out last year for Houston. They were still number one in the NFL in defense in total yards. I mean, I like Julian Edelman. But if you look at Hogan and Amendola and Mitchell and Dwayne Allen and Gronk and Brandin Cooks and the new running backs and this Austin Carr kid they got from Northwestern, they are better today, this morning, than they were last year at wide receiver at weaponry. That's almost a Game of Thrones reference. At weaponry.

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