The Kyrie Irving trade has the Boston Celtics trapped

Colin Cowherd: What are the Boston Celtics going to do if they can't get Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers?

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- Boston is trapped, because you do realize what fan base last Friday was celebrating this move. Boston. They got the superstar. They got the super star. I mean, Boston, Kyrie Irving makes them like a legitimate NBA final-- over the next several years-- NBA final championship contender, right?

They're trapped. The fans. The media. Celtic fan Bill Simmons couldn't contain himself last week. They're going bonkers. They're going bananas. They're going nuts. We got a superstar.

And Danny Ainge knows it. And now he's got pressure from the fans and the media and his owner. We've got to make sure this deal works. And they're going to have to give up more. And Cleveland's totally in the driver's seat. OK, they have the asset. They have the superstar. They can veto this deal by Wednesday, and get the superstar back. And Danny's taking heat, the Celtics taking heat.

And by the way, here's something else. Danny Ainge now has a damaged good, and everybody now in the league knows Isaiah Thomas is damaged good. So that limits what Danny Ainge ca-- Danny Ainge can do moving forward.

Like it's been advertised now. Cleveland's like, he ain't all there. So now Danny Ainge has to throw something in with it, or it's over. The trade's done. He loses the superstar. He loses the momentum.

And let me tell you something, if Cleveland could get Jayson Tatum, if I'm LeBron, forget all the other pieces. I could now have a number one pick and Jayson Tatum. Do you understand how attractive that is on the market for a rebuilding team, that you get the best rookie in summer league Jayson Tatum, and a number one pick? Forget Isaiah Thomas. Forget Jae Crowder. Forget the prospect.

Those two assets, Jayson Tatum, number one pick, you could go to the-- 10 teams in this league, and pry away another really good player. Damian Lillard level, maybe. I mean that is something.

Listen, when you do deals, here's the rule on making trades in sports. The rule on making trades in sports is don't do sneaky stuff, because it'll sully your reputation, and it will limit what you can do in the future, OK. You want both sides to feel good, because if you're going to be in a sport for 20 years, you want to make multiple deals. And you don't want six owners in the NBA and 12 GMs in the NBA that refuse to take your phone call.

Boston is trapped. They have to make this deal work, because it's now out there that Isaiah Thomas is damaged goods. Cleveland has all the leverage, and I would hold out for Jayson Tatum. Then-- and I don't really keep track on who wins trades-- then you can make the argument Cavs, we won this trade.

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