Michael Rapaport to Conor McGregor: ‘Stay away from boxing’

Michael Rapaport weighs in on Mayweather vs. McGregor, thinks that the UFC star should "stay away from boxing."

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- What do you make of all these UFC fans that are saying, did you see the first four rounds? Conor dominated.

- He dominated. If he's such a big puncher-- he landed 111 punches-- if he's such a power puncher, you think any boxer could take 111 punches from Hagler, Foreman, Mike Tyson?

He landed 111 non-threatening punches. They didn't do a thing to Floyd Mayweather. And Floyd Mayweather was 25 pounds lighter than him.

And like, well, he landed a couple of punches. If you're getting paid $100 million, you better land $100 million-- some punches.

And if you're getting paid $100 million, you better be go-- be ready-- you better be ready to go 12 rounds. And he wasn't ready to go 12 rounds.

- OK, so let's talk about that. Because my takeaway on this is Conor came out, and I think he sort of knew, I got to get to him early. Were you shocked by the--

- Get to him? He didn't even-- like, get to him how? Was I shocked about what? Sorry.

- --by the seventh round, Conor was gassed.


- And I mean, he was done.

- But he's such a tough guy. He's so prepared. He's an unusual athlete. You're not ready to go 12 rounds? What's the problem, tough guy? What's the problem?

He's running his mouth. He said he was-- Dana White said he was going to rag doll him. Then he said it was going to be easy. He's never seen an athlete like me. We've seen athletes like you.

Stay away from boxing. Because if you keep going, you're going to wind up getting knocked through the ring. And you should be thanking that referee and your legacy that you didn't get knocked through the ring. Instead of saying, oh, I would have liked to have done it, you should be thanking that referee that the image of you getting knocked through the ring didn't happen.

- That's a really good point. See, that's a really good point.

So this morning, Conor's like, I can't believe they didn't let the fight go. But this morning, there's a lot of people on Conor's side saying, oh, Mr. Referee. What if Conor is out, I mean, literally knocked out? I mean, by the way, we were about two more punches from that.

- Yeah. Be thankful for it. Don't keep going with the trash talk. Don't keep going.

You're supposed to be humble in victory and even more humble in defeat. You lost. You said you were going to do all these things. None of them happened.

- He said he was going to knock out Mayweather, knock him unconscious.

- It didn't happen.

- Do you think-- was there ever-- there was one uppercut. Let's give Conor credit. There was an uppercut.

- That hit him. But like I said, if you're getting paid $100 million, you better land one uppercut.

So we should do the ratio. You landed 111 punches. You got paid $100 million. So how much should we get paid-- how much is each punch worth?

- Do you think maybe UFC fans just don't understand? Because I've been trying to say this--

- They don't.

- --boxing is--

- They hate boxing. Why? Why do UFC fans hate boxing? If you're a Major League Baseball fan, do you want the NFL to do bad?

Like, UFC [INAUDIBLE] boxing's dead. If boxing is so dead, why did your number one guy have to go to boxing to finally get paid? Why can't you like both?

Why can't we-- they're all better than all of us. Why don't you support them? Why do you want boxing to be dead? Do you want to see-- and UFC fans, they're like, they should've knocked him through the ring.

The ramifications of being a UFC fighter, that's the unknown. The great early UFC fighters, they're not even over 50 yet. And we all saw what happened in the Cormier fight. He took three bashes to the head.


- Do we want to see the great UFC guys with CTE? Do we want to see them like Jim McMahon not being able to know whether it's Tuesday or Thursday?

Conor McGregor got saved for his image and he got saved for his health. Do I think he could have kept going a little bit longer? Yes, all the trash he was talking, all the money, and all the hype. But at the end of the day, it's like, you know, we want these guys to be safe. There's no dignity in getting knocked unconscious.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, you and I both, when Edelman gets hurt in the preseason game, it's like, that's bad for sports. We just lost a great player in the preseason. Spencer Ware's a running back for the Chiefs.

- I agree.

- He could be out for the year. Like, I don't benefit from that.

Fans are funny. Like, here's the way I look at it. If I-- I understand boxing being somewhat threatened by UFC. I totally get that. But I don't understand the UFC fans that hate boxing.

The truth is this, you can always make more money in boxing than UFC--

- Period.

- --always, because UFC fighters basically have to pay UFC before they get paid.

- Right.

- So like, if you are Conor McGregor today, would you go back to UFC or would you go to boxing?

- I would go back to UFC.

- See, that, to me--

- He should fight Nate Diaz. If he wants to really give the fans what they want, give Nate Diaz three. He won the first one. Conor won the second one. Let's do that. Do it in the Garden, do it in Vegas, wherever you want to do it to make the most money.

I don't ever want to go back to Vegas again. That was a nuthouse.

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