Should loyalty mean more than winning a title?

Colin Cowherd talks about how the behavior of NBA owners has caused star players to value a title over loyalty.

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- Before you burn a Kevin Durant jersey for going to Golden State, let's just take one player in the NBA. Just one. Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant comes into this league Seattle Sonics. The owner is Howard Schultz.

He runs Starbucks. His net worth now is somewhere between 3 billion and 5. He would not put any of his money to build a new arena, and he sells off the team. What is Kevin Durant see? Lack of loyalty.

The new owner of the Sonics is Clay Bennett. He promises to keep Kevin Durant's team in Seattle. First opportunity he can leave to OKC for a little extra money and a new arena, he ditches Seattle. Kevin Durant's now had two owners. One went cheap. One went inauthentic.

He then sees LeBron leave Cleveland. Fans burned Lebron's jersey. What does the owner do, Dan Gilbert, whose net worth has skyrocketed thanks to LeBron James? Racial coding in a letter. I own you, how dare you? Kevin Durant sees that.

And then Kevin Durant is in Oklahoma City. They have Westbrook, Harden, and him. And Clay Bennett, who has made a fortune on the move, doesn't want to pay any of that luxury tax. Let's trade off Harden. Don't want to have to pay him big money. Kevin Durant sees that.

Three owners. Howard Schultz. Dan Gilbert. Clay Bennett. One lied. One went cheap. One outrageously mean when a star player left. And Kevin Durant should be loyal. Mm-hm. You wonder why players aren't loyal. Folks, they actually are.

But then they watch their billionaire owners, who won't put a penny despite being worth $3 billion, running the number one coffee chain in the world, making more money in a day than Durant does in a season on a stock price. I won't put a penny to a new arena. I'm selling it to a guy who promises to stay, then leaves.

Then he watches his good friend LeBron, after seven years they can't get him a great teammate, go. And his owner craps on him. Dan Gilbert. And then Clay Bennett eventually trades off James Harden. Wouldn't want to have to pay three stars. Luxury tax, no thanks.

Folks. These kids, Kevin Durant, they come out, they want to stay with one team. You think they want a bounce around all over the league? Of course they don't. But they just watch their rich billionaire owners time after time go cheap, lie, be inauthentic, get rid of guys because they don't want to pay a tiny luxury tax.

Kevin Durant not only had every right to leave, I would have wondered if he was sane had he not left, considering what he viewed from the topmost noteworthy owners that he worked for or his best friend used to work for.

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