Carson Wentz is going to be best QB drafted in last 3 years, according to Colin

Colin Cowherd explains why Carson Wentz is going to be the biggest star of any QB drafted within the last three years.

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- I think just in the last three years-- forget Cam Newton, forget Russell Wilson, forget Andrew Luck, who are established, really, they can play-- let's just go quarterbacks drafted in the last three years. Jared Goff, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Dak Prescott, Mitch Trubisky, DeShone Kizer, Paxton Lynch, Carson Wentz, those are the ones we're talking about, right?

My feeling is Carson Wentz is going to be bigger and better than all of them. Not just better, but bigger and better. I'd say Marcus Mariota is too, but Marcus Mariota plays in the invisible AFC South. Wentz plays the Dallas Cowboys twice a year, the New York Giants twice a year, and the NFC? Bigger markets, bigger ratings than the AFC.

When I watch Carson Wentz play, and I watch him-- you saw it. I saw it, you see it-- arms, leg, talent, toughness, confidence, 40 on his Wonderlic. There's a calmness and an "It."

Listen, the NFL is as good as its quarterback play. When the Montanas and the Aikmans and the Steve Young, Marino, Elway, all in a few years' stretch leave, the NFL dips.

I like the young quarterbacks coming up. I like Dak. I'm not even counting luck. Russell Wilson, they're established. I'm talking Jameis. I'm not talking Derek Carr. He's established. He's really good.

But of all these young guys, I really like Carson Wentz, and I think he's got some major advantages. Number one, the staff-- the head coach, coordinator-- both former NFL quarterbacks. They have the best tackle combination-- left, right tackle-- in football, not the Cowboys. They've added wide receivers this off season in the year Wentz came in. They also went heavy on the offensive line. And the kid is a gamer.

I think Carson Wentz, of the new batch of quarterbacks in the last three years, is the best one out there and is going to be the biggest star. I like Marcus Mariota, but he's very quiet. And he doesn't play the Cowboys twice a year, and he doesn't play the New York Giants twice a year. And the AFC is mostly small markets, and the NFC is mostly big markets in big media centers. Wentz is going to be the best one, and he's going to be the big star.

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