Conor McGregor is not going into the Mayweather fight as a boxer — he’s going in as a mixed martial artist, says Ariel Helwani

Helwani explains Conor McGregor's approach to his fight against Floyd Mayweather.

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- Do you think Connor realizes that he is at a skill and experience disadvantage? And he has got to be hyper aggressive early to completely dictate this fight?

- Yeah, he does realize what's at stake. You know, you talk to, this is so fascinating about this particular fight. I've never covered a fight before, or even any kind of event before, where the inner circle of one camp truly believes, like, they're going to shock the world, truly believes that this is actually a mismatch in their favor, truly believes that they're going to knock out Floyd Mayweather, which of course has never been done. And then everyone around them is mocking them. Everyone around them thinks these guys are delusional.

Like, back in the day when Peter McNeeley fought Mike Tyson, oh he goes out and says, I'm going to knock him out. Everyone's like, yeah, you don't really believe that. We know this. They believe that they're going to do it.

And here's the interesting thing. Everyone thinks that Conner is going to try to go out there and outbox Floyd Mayweather. That's a huge mistake and he's the first to say that. He's not going to try to outbox Floyd. How do we know that? A, he doesn't have any boxing trainers in his corner. All three of his cornerman are his MMA coaches slash sparring partners.

He's not going to go in there as a boxer. He's going in there as a martial artist. And two days ago at the press conference, he gave us the final sign that he is going in there as a martial artist. When they faced off to the crowd after facing off, you know, nose to nose, Floyd stood there and gave us the traditional boxing stance. Conner then said this is Bruce Lee expletive and went down and posed like Bruce Lee.

That was telling the world that I'm not going in there as a boxer. I'm going in there as a martial artist. This is going to be MMA versus boxing. This is going to be a dirty fight. He's going to frustrate Floyd. That's what he's going to try to do, punch him in the elbow, punch him in the shoulder. He's not going to try to slip and dip and actually box him. That's a huge mistake and he recognizes that.

So yes, expect an aggressive fight. Expecting a dirty fight from Connor. And maybe this is the way to beat Floyd. Because, you know, what is it, 46 or so people have for him? 49 in total? They haven't figured it out. They haven't knocked him down, knocked him out. So why not try to reinvent the wheel?

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