Celtics believe they have a great chance to re-sign Kyrie Irving

Can the Celtics re-sign Kyrie Irving long term? Kristine Leahy gives the latest on Irving after the blockbuster trade that sent him to Boston.

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- The reports today are that the Celtics feel very confident that Kyrie will stay with the Celtics long term. And I would have to agree with that. I don't think that Danny would make that kind of a move and trade away so many assets without knowing or having a good idea that Kyrie would like to stay in Boston. I actually have said this for weeks, too. That I think it's a really, really good fit. Kyrie was looking for an organization with a lot of stability.

The Celtics have that. I also am very thankful now that Danny did not trade away those picks for something lesser, because now he could use it in a place to get Kyrie. And what's great now is that maybe they lost a lot of their pieces, the Celtics, right? Their core team is no longer. But now they're very attractive to free agents. Who wouldn't want to play with Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving? So you don't know. Maybe they're not done either.

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