Do the Cleveland Cavaliers still have more moves to make? Nick Wright explains

Could DeMarcus Cousins and Dwyane Wade possibly be on their way to Cleveland?

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- I don't believe Cleveland's done. I don't think LeBron has the interest to play with an 18-year-old. It's just like Leonardo DiCaprio has no interest to be in a movie with a kid who was just a great high school actor. In the end, LeBron want stars. I think Cleveland deals that pick, and somebody else, like a Kevin Love. Do you think Cleveland's done?

- Oh, I don't think they're done. I think there is a universe that exists where, come the NBA trade deadline, the New Orleans, Pelicans are floundering. And the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And all of a sudden, their very sharp GM, Kolby Altman, who got a really good package for Kyrie, calls up New Orleans. And says, hey, how do you feel about two years of Iman Shumpert, the expiring deal of Channing Frye, and that delicious asset, known as the Brooklyn pick?

All we want is Boogie Cousins, who's, probably, leaving you at the end of the season anyway, New Orleans.

If the Cavs were able to pull that off, and the Bulls are to buy out Dwayne Wade, as we expect, this could be the Cavs rotation, their starters, and their bench five. You could have Isaiah Thomas, Dwayne Wade, LeBron. Keep Kevin Love and Boogie Cousins. Coming off the bench, Tristan Thompson, Kyle Korver, JR Smith, Derrick Rose.

You could have a legitimate team, to not only win the east, but to compete with, if not beat, the Warriors. I don't think the Cavs are done, either. That's what makes this trade so crazy to me.

I give Danny Ainge credit. He finally pulled the trigger. I don't understand why Danny Ainge, when he could have gotten Jimmy Butler, who's better than Kyrie, for 20 cents on the dollar, decided to go get Kyrie at 100 cents on the dollar. But this was the only trade the Cavs could have pulled off, were they don't get worse this season. And they have assets moving forward, either if LeBron leaves, or if they want to supplement the team While LeBron is there.

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