Colin breaks down which team got the better end of the Kyrie Irving/Isaiah Thomas trade

Colin Cowherd explains the Kyrie Irving/Isaiah Thomas trade. Did the Boston Celtics or Cleveland Cavaliers "win"?

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- About a year ago, a friend of mine, we go jogging together. His name is actually Colin. And he had a house, and it was an older house, and he was thinking about fixing it up. We were on a jog one day--

Or he was thinking about buying a new house. And I offered my opinion. I'm not even sure if he asked for my opinion, but I offered my opinion. And I just said, "How long is it going to take to fix that house? He said, "Probably 18 months." and I said, "Do you want to eat dinner for the next 18 months in the living room? Tarp, dust, buckets, tools, kids fighting, eating dinner in the living room. Life's too short, brah. Start over. Fresh paint. Clarity. New direction."

That's why I love what Boston did yesterday. Cool young head coach. Superstar point guard. Young too. Gordon Hayward, young star forward. Jayson Tatum, potential star rookie. Mix of good bench veterans. Fresh. Young. New house. Overturn their roster. And it gives you great clarity. Just like buying a new house, maybe you don't have the money for furniture for every room. But you know where you're going, what you'll get, and your future. I absolutely love what Boston did.

Then there's Cleveland. Old roster's still old. Still poor defensively. What the hell you do with Isaiah Thomas and that hip injury? You've got another forward, Jae Crowder. Great. You've already got three. LeBron, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love. We've got another one.

Hey, we got a center in the deal! Good. Good. It's a guard wing league. Hey, there's that high Schooler! Oh yeah. What a turn-on that is for LeBron.

I mean, this morning, given the choice, the Cleveland Cavaliers, tarp, buckets, tools, coughing, redoing the kitchen for 18 months. There's no real clarity JR Smith is still old. Kyle Korver still can't defend. Derrick Rose is still injury prone. Who knows what Isaiah Thomas' hip's all about? Yeah. Richard Jefferson. He's still around. Iman Shumpert, half the player he used to be. And I heard this morning, D-Wade may come back. Tarp, buckets, tools.

If I say to you this morning, fun, youth, mix, energy, clarity, you're not thinking Cleveland. You're thinking Boston. And that's why this, to me, in Boston this morning, it feels great. You have not been this excited about the NBA in years.

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