Tony Gonzalez on the Rams’ come-from-behind win over the Seahawks: ‘Those Rams look awesome right now’

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Tony Gonzalez discusses who is the most impressive undefeated team the Kansas City Chiefs or the Los Angeles Rams.

GREG JENNINGS: The Chiefs. The Chiefs are more impressive. When you look at--



- Coming into this season, did we expect the Rams to be top of the NFC?


- Absolutely. That's where they are. Coming into this season, did we expect the Kansas City Chiefs to be led by a second-year guy-- who's really in his rookie campaign right now-- to be doing what he's doing? He just threw his first two picks yesterday, and they found a way to win outside of him throwing touchdown passes.

Like, the Chiefs, man, when I look at them, the points that they give up, their ability to make big plays as far as creating turnovers-- you got to win different ways each week. They showed that yesterday. I like the Chiefs.

- You know, this is a tough question. But right now, I'm gonna go with the Rams. And the reason I'm gonna do that is because I look at the completeness from defense to offense. Don't get me wrong, if anybody over here is rooting for the Chiefs, it's me. I want them to be good.

By the way, two days ago, I would have said definitively it's the Rams. But yesterday, they showed me a lot. Beating that team the way they did it-- because Mahomes did not play that outstanding of a game. The defense forced four turnovers against Blake Bortles-- Blake Bortles, though.

But after yesterday, for them to win that game in that type of way, that shows me they're a really good football team. But still, those Rams, they look awesome right now. They look awesome.