Marcellus Wiley defends Jason Garrett: He’s not a mediocre head coach

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Marcellus Wiley and Jason Whitlock disagree on Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. Wiley defends why Garrett is an above average head coach.

- Why do you want to fire Jason Garrett? But more importantly, why now when you're looking at this schedule? This is a team that is two and three. But let's look at those games. And when they have a good win in terms of beating the Detroit Lions, who have beaten the New England Patriots.

And they got two, as we like to say, good losses when you go against the Panthers. And you go against the Seahawks, you like, OK, I can see that. The Seahawks took-- the Rams basically had that game outside of a field goal.

So I say why now, when you look at Jason Garrett in terms of what he's done. He's not a mediocre coach. He's above average. There's support that says-- and since he's been a head coach, how many losing seasons has he had?

And it's interesting if you look at it-- he's one of the few coaches that's only had one. And only the Patriots and the Steelers have none. Belichick and Thomas-- and then you go to who? Jason Garrett-- you're calling that mediocrity when I'm looking at that as a full screen that says, only one time that I put out a subpar effort. Every other year, winning performance. Here's what--