‘This all falls on Conor McGregor’: Jason Whitlock on who’s to blame for the UFC 229 brawl

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Jason Whitlock discusses the post match brawl between Khabib and McGregor and what events lead to the event.

- Legitimate point. But at the end of the day, I blame Conor McGregor. I blame him more than Khabib. I blame him more than Dana White. Conor McGregor, to me, has reached his expiration point. He has made a bunch of money off of a bit of a fraud and a sham, to me. In terms-- made a bunch of money fighting Mayweather in a fight that we knew was a sham.

And so he is a fraudulent person here, in terms of he set the tone for all of this. When you start talking about a man's religion, when you start talking about a man's father-- I don't want to excuse what Khabib did, but I get it. You start talking about a man's religion, you start talking about his parents, you bring all that into it-- and Conor McGregor has gotten away with this for far too long.

I didn't like the promotion of Conor versus Floyd when there was all that cursing and just stupidity, and they kept having all these press conferences where nobody could talk to each other like they were human beings. And I get the fight game is ugly. But I just think the whole-- Conor McGregor took a dump on himself over the last couple years. And this was inevitable that somebody was gonna have this kind of reaction.

And then in the initial reaction to the full post-fight melee-- oh, my god, Conor got attacked from behind. He was sucker punched.


- And then, when you really go look at the film--


- He threw the first punch at somebody in Khabib's camp. And then Khabib's camp overreacted and came into the ring and took a punch at Conor. This all falls on Conor McGregor. And some people before the show were upset or disagree with this take. I think there's a lot of similarity between Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey.

- Uh-huh. I agree.

- Both of them frauds and overhyped.

- I can't go there, but--

- I can go there. I can go all out.

- Not fraud, that left hand isn't a fraud.

- Overhyped.

MARCELLUS WILEY: People have went to sleep-- champions have went to sleep with that left hand. That's not fraud.

- I get it.

- That's not fraudulent there.

- But to me, the UFC needs to move away from this.