Mark Schlereth believes the Steelers O-Line are a ‘bunch of frauds’

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Mark Schlereth joins Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley to discuss Le'Veon Bell potentially returning to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He explains why he's on Bell's side and disappointed in the offensive line.

- I wish we could have him back. Why is he taking so long? Why wouldn't he come back here? I don't know, because you're a whole bunch of Benedict Arnolds? Like, you're all a bunch of backstabbers. For me, one, this is so anti-offensive line, it makes me want to vomit.


- Like, that, to me, is-- I've never seen an offensive lineman talk. So I mean that just points to the dysfunction of this [INAUDIBLE].

JASON WHITLOCK: Explain that stink, though, in terms of there's a culture of offensive linemen just not-- and [INAUDIBLE] was strongest, wasn't he?

- Well, think about it-- think about the offensive linemen. You're the last rung on the ladder. You're the last-- I mean, you're one injury away from being a fan. You can't go-- once on the offensive line, you can't go anywhere else. You can't all of the sudden transition to linebacker, you know, lose some weight. You're the worst athlete on the team.

So we don't ever talk about nothing. Like, we are like-- we are 100%-- we don't want our names in anybody's mouth, because why? It's usually just a holding call. You want to be able to lay it on the line for each other. Five guys, together as one, have to do a job so that everybody else can shine. And that's what you do as a group.

And then to have them out here talking about some guy's money, some guy who happens to be exceptionally valuable to this franchise-- that the franchise basically said, we don't want to give you a real contract. And you guys are going to put it on him? I'm embarrassed for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think that offensive line is a bunch of frauds, and to me, you know what? If that's the way you guys go about your business, if I was Le'Veon Bell, I'd come in, do my business, but I wouldn't want to be-- I'm not picking out curtains or going to eat donuts with these guys.