DeAngelo Hall on Patrick Mahomes against Jaguars: ‘This is going to bring him back down to reality’

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DeAngelo Hall joins Marcellus Wiley and Jason Whitlock to talk NFL Week 5. He says Kansas City Chiefs phenom Patrick Mahomes will have his hands full against the Jacksonville Jaguars defense.

MARCELLUS WILEY: Yeah, let me plagiarize the great Trent Dilfer, one of my closest friends and minds when it comes to football. And he said--

DEANGELO HALL: Y'all got the same hairstyle.

MARCELLUS WILEY: Suck that. There is no defending the perfect pass. And as a former defender, I don't care what position you're in. You can't defend a perfect pass, and more so than anybody we've seen of late, this guy throws perfect passes, though.

DEANGELO HALL: You know what, though? He's not going throw 35 perfect passes out of 48 attempts--


DEANGELO HALL: --come Sunday. And I just think that this Jacksonville defense-- they're build different. When you can just rush with three or even four at times and drop the rest of those guys in coverage, it's going to make for a long day for old Patty Mahomes here. Because I'm telling you, that defense will not blitz-- no, I'm not a non-believer.

I think Patrick Mahomes is an amazing talent. I want to see him do it for the full season. But this is one of those-- this is one of those match-ups that's going to humble him a little bit-- well not even humble him, because I feel as though he is humble in his approach, but I think we as the media-- we tend to crown him. We're crowning him. And so I just think this is going to bring him back down to reality.

Now, this defense isn't what he's going to face every week, and so we'll see him go against the best. You talk about Tyreek Hill calling out Jalen Ramsey, saying, yeah, I want to see this dude. Because people are saying I'm good. We all know he's good. Let's go. Let's match up. That's the kind of one-on-one match-ups you're going to see. And I'm telling you, if that front can rush him with three and four guys and allow everyone else to play coverage-- man, those linebackers can run. Like he's-- Pat Mahomes is not going to be running out of this pocket and think Myles Jack and Telvin Smith didn't--


MARCELLUS WILEY: --Mariota beat them. But you're acting like this team is all-world world. Like, they beat them. But Marcus Mariota with one arm, with one hand beat them.

DEANGELO HALL: They will be-- they will be ready.

MARCELLUS WILEY: OK. I'm listening.

DEANGELO HALL: And Doug Marrone is trying to make sure of it.

MARK SCHLERETH: I'm 100% with you when it comes to this Jacksonville Jaguar defense. Not only from a backhand standpoint, their linebackers can run like none other. They're physically-- they will dominate the line of scrimmage. What was the thing you said earlier in the program? I was-- listen, I was over there kind of taking a little nap, and I heard it, because it resonated with me. It was something about doo and doo doo?


MARK SCHLERETH: So the doo doo is the Chiefs defense, and let me just tell you-- on the doo doo aspect of that-- is Doug Marrone understands complementary football. And he understands the value of playing smash-mouth football and not letting Patrick Mahomes-- I don't care how healthy Fournette is. That doesn't matter to me. They will physically dominate the line of scrimmage. Hey, how healthy-- you know, you look at Freeman-- had eight carries in that Monday night game. He averaged nine yards a carry. Lindsay had-- I don't how many carries he had, but he averaged almost six yards a carry.

But the Broncos-- they came out, and in the very end of that game had an opportunity. They salted it away. They came out in 11 personnel, and they threw a bubble screen. And they had-- like, come in, line up with two tights, line up with a fullback and a a running back-- they're going to keep Mahomes on the sideline. And that defense, let me tell you, that defense is for real. And they're going to be fresh, because of the complementary nature of the way they do it. I think Jacksonville upsets them.