Marcellus Wiley is not sold on Andrew Luck beating the Patriots on TNF

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Marcellus Wiley and Jason Whitlock tackle the NFL today. Wiley discusses why Andrew Luck will not lead the Indianapolis Colts to a victory over New England.

- Let's, in order to have proper messaging, extract a line item from your Whit log and expand on it.

- OK.

- Let's put up Andrew Luck's record against one master, Bill Belichick. Damn, donut and five. OK, donut and five. Let me do some simple math, carry the one, that win percentage is zero, OK. He's never been able to beat him. Everything else just supports the fact that he's never been able to beat Belichick and Tom Brady.

So now let's talk about what that means, and let me take you into the locker room where Coach would sit there after seeing something like this, and then would challenge all of us, Whitlock. You know what he would say to us, Whitlock? You're supposed to say, what did he say?

JASON WHITLOCK: What's he say?

- Cause you weren't there. This ain't Ball State, homie.

JASON WHITLOCK: All right, what does he say?

- OK. You know what he would say?


- Either you're due, or you doodoo. And this is the situation, are you due, Andrew Luck, to beat the Patriots finally? Or are you just doodoo. And I hate to say this, but against the Patriots and Bill Belichick, Andrew Luck is doodoo, dog. And he's not going to be able to pick himself up this time, because this is a compromised version of Andrew Luck versus the healthy version that still had no success against Belichick. What gives you the faith, the same guy who can't even throw the Hail Mary for his team to win a ball game, is now going to go in there and get his first win against Belichick?