Jason Whitlock thinks the Cowboys would be making a good move — by signing Dez Bryant

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Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley talk Dez Bryant. Find out why Jason thinks the Cowboys should take a risk and bring Dez back to Dallas.

JASON WHITLOCK: --where he might sign. Dez responded that he'd rather, quote, "be with the Cowboys than a new team." And as crazy as it sounds, I think he'd be-- I think that's a good move for the Cowboys. I think Dez Bryant's been humbled. I think that there's no risk to bringing him in. If he doesn't work out, you just let him go again. I think there's-- it's a no-lose situation for the Cowboys. I'd pick up Dez Bryant for cheap, and cut him if he didn't work out.

- I think it would be a bad situation. Humility is not even a part of the equation. It's a bad marriage. It's a bad second marriage, if you're Dez Bryant. He doesn't have Tony Romo anymore, who was a franchise quarterback, a risk-taker, outside the pockets, off-script playmaker. Now he has a conservative, safe, third-year player who's still trying to play for his money, and averaging 215 yards per game and safe throws, and needs the running game to be beyond explosive for him to show elite numbers in production.

So I think that Dez Bryant would come back and-- he wasn't separating before. Whether he could do that now or not, he's not getting the 50-50 balls. Romo would throw a 50-50 ball. If you didn't catch it, I could deal with the results, the consequences. Dak Prescott's not in that mental space right now. I think it would be a bad marriage.

- Yeah, I'm with-- I think I'm with you. I think they have enough receivers who can't beat one-on-one coverage right now.


Like, can he play offensive line? I mean, is there-- if he'd come back and do that, I mean, that-- isn't that what we're looking at? I mean, I look at this team, the way this team was constructed years ago, you had one of the best left tackles in football, in Smith. You had a great offensive line.

Now Smith has chronic back issues, you got a rookie playing left guard. Your center is gone. Your all-pro center in Travis Frederick is sick. You're right guard, who is the highest paid guy in football, hurt his knee in camp, and is not 100% healthy, in Collins. Your right tackle is really better suited to play guard.

So that's how they built this football team to dominate a line of scrimmage, to run the football, to give your receivers opportunities to be one-on-one off the play action, and affecting the underneath coverage because you have to respect it. And they don't have that anymore. So I don't know how Dez Bryant is going to fix that. I just don't think he will.

- Yeah, yeah. That's kind of where I am with it, too. Would it be nice? Yeah, it would be nice. But I don't see how it helps them win football games. And the ultimate thing that they did when they got rid of Dez was because it was the distraction in the locker room.

It was having a young guy, Dak Prescott , that you're trying to say, hey, this is your team. You know, no more Jason Witten. Sean Lee is on the way out of there. You get Dez Bryant out of there now, too, and now you can say, hey, young guys, it's on you guys.

And so I just don't know. It's kind of that same dynamic you saw in Carolina, when they kind of rushed Steve Smith out of there a little bit too soon to let Cam know, hey, this is your team. I just don't know if the progression of Dak Prescott, with Dez Bryant in his ear, would be a positive thing.

But if they brought him back, does this mean, hey, maybe Dak's not the guy? Maybe he's not who we thought he was going to be. And it's OK if we have a guy like Dez in that locker room. So there's a lot of different components to this that I just don't see how it would work out. But it would be interesting if he goes back.

JASON WHITLOCK: My thing with the Cowboys and Jerry Jones is like, they're always in win-now mode. And y'all are talking about developing young receivers, developing Dak. Jerry Jones, to me, is about I want to win this year. And if Dez Bryant, in any way, gives them a chance to be 2% better at wide receiver, 3% better at wide receiver, and because it's an easy out, I just don't see what the harm is.

And again, I get your point, Mark. It's like it's just another receiver that can't separate. I think, if Dez Bryant were in the right mindset-- like six months ago, eight months ago-- in the right mindset, willing to take a reduced contract, and humble himself and not be a distraction, there's upside to Dez Bryant.

- Man, stop. They went to a concert-- a Beyonce concert together and he ain't get a deal. If you listen to Beyonce with your owner and you can't get a deal after that, you know what? It ain't happening, man.

They already laid out the red carpet, in terms of their relationship. We have mended that. Nothing came from that. So this is a situation where you're overthinking it. Like, it's a great story. D'Angelo nailed it. Great story, not going to do much, in terms of the X's and O's. Don't overthink this.

- They've been in a win-now mode, like you said, since Jimmy Johnson was coaching there. And how much winning now have they done since that point?

- Yeah. I was going to say that. That's always the goal, but it never seems to materialize. And if Jerry Jones actually looked at his roster, this roster isn't set to bring him anything.

- Right. The O line's not there. The defense is coming, but not there yet to play to that standard. All you got is Zeke, that you really could bank on right now. And then you got some pass rushers, like DeMarcus Lawrence, et cetera. But that's not enough.