Marcellus Wiley’s words of wisdom for the Giants: Let Odell go to the third rail

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Marcellus Wiley talks NFL on the show with Jason Whitlock. Hear what they had to say about Odell Beckham Jr and the New York Giants.

- I won't go as far as saying he's the reason, but certainly the emotional, mental makeup of a player needs to be respected, no matter how crazy it is. Because we're talking about football, a great game of skill, a greater game of will. You need to let a player go to that third rail. As you always say, we're touched. So you gotta let me go to that place, coach.

Answer this question in story. I was in San Diego. My first year, Mike Riley was our coach. And Mike Riley witnessed me break my foot when I first got to San Diego, before the season even started. I'm the highest paid player in franchise history, and all of a sudden, I'm not even gonna play a game. And then I had surgery, came back two weeks later, did not practice one time that year.

And Mike Riley saw me play well, make the Pro Bowl, all-pro. And in the offseason, you know what he came to me and said? He said, Marcellus, amazing year. I don't know how you pulled it off with one leg-- a great year. But let's talk about your leadership. Let's talk about how other players are looking at you and looking up to you. We want you to tone it down. We want you to calm it down.

Now remember, I'm the DJ. I'm pregame music, post-game music. They playing my song during the games. I'm not practicing. I'm boisterous. I'm enjoying put my foot in the ice bucket while my teammates are out of breath. And I'm laughing at it, but I always showed up. Why I give you that story is because they calmed my emotional makeup down. Coincidentally, my production started to decline, as well. Be careful what you do to Odell between the ears.

- That's a hell of a story, and you put me-- because I have a whole different take, in terms of, I don't think Odell needs to be immature to have success. I think they need a better quarterback, period.


- And so they can sit here and talk about, Odell needs to be crazy. Like, no, he needs a quarterback who throws the ball accurately, on time, to Odell Beckham, Jr. But you just moved me a bit in terms of, that's fascinating. Because trust me, I remember that year you had. And I remember going to San Diego and like, man, they let this dude kind of wild out.

They play his music, and he's out here dancing, doing all-- and toning that down took a little of the edge away from-- that's a fascinating story. So I'm gonna give it a kernel of truth to what "Newsday" is saying about Odell. But mostly, I just think they need a young quarterback to get him the ball.