Dahntay Jones is convinced Luke Walton and LeBron are a good mix for the Lakers

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Dahntay Jones joins Marcellus Wiley and Jason Whitlock to talk NBA. Hear why Dahntay is convinced LeBron James and Luke Walton can coexist on the Los Angeles Lakers.

- When you have him, you are held to high expectations. You're held to win. And a man that's won 50-plus games, in the past 10 straight seasons, and, what, been to eight straight Finals, you're held to a level of excellence. And it's no disrespect to the coaches, but you just have to find the right mix. I think Luke and him will work well together because Luke is a great guy.

And he's seen that Golden State organization, and that culture, where they make things work in a different manner. I think he'll be able to bring some things and teach LeBron how to move off the ball. But what Luke has, and, I think, Luke will use, is a guy who's gonna set the tone for the culture and for the locker room of those young guys. And they have a lot of young talent, as I was talking to you guys about before. But you have to mold those guys.

I think they're a veteran away from being able to help Luke and LeBron-- at the end of their bench-- to be able to help them permeate throughout the lineups and the overall guys. They should be able to teach them how to be champions, teach them how to be professionals. Because on NFL rosters, like NBA rosters, if you don't have the right guys on the back end of the roster, they won't develop the necessary habits to be in a championship mentality.