Marcellus Wiley understands Denver’s complaints after Monday’s loss

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Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley talk NFL. Hear what they had to say about the Denver Broncos after they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs last night.

Marcellus, got a problem with all this whining from Denver?

- Wow. I got a problem you saying that's whining. I mean that's not whining. Sports fans, Jason Whitlock, everybody who's on the wrong side of the fence with this-- Realize that if I point out your bad, your mistake, don't try to flip it on me like I'm the problem. Like I'm the one that's complaining when you're not doing your job. I've been here before. Look, I've been there in bigger stakes than that. Playoff game against Tennessee Titans- Buffalo Bills, Music City miracle. And they messed that call up.

And yeah, post-game I look worse than them. Crying, whining according to you. Because I'm like, y'all all messed up. And it's crazy about our culture, especially sports fans where we look at something that we know we messed up but if your reaction is not in accord to what we want to see, we start blaming them. The players are sitting there saying-- There's a big donut, zero. Can you please just throw the flag so that play doesn't count? That's not whining.

- Marcellus you watched the game, right?

- I did watch the game.

- And so you saw earlier in that drive it was second and 30 and the Broncos couldn't get off the field.

- Right.

- And so the Broncos to me why they need to shut up here is, 5 yards is going to save them? You think backing Patrick Mahomes up five yards was going to save them? The guy threw like a 30 some odd yard pass on that delay again. Five yards was not going to save the Broncos. They had that second and 30 and they couldn't stop them then. They had him wrapped around his legs and he threw the ball left handed for a first down. Five yards?

- OK, so let's keep listing. You're pointing out all the indiscretions against Denver. Add to that list one of those plays shouldn't have even counted. And you never know what that does in terms of momentum.

- You know how many penalties the guy overcame? Pat Mahomes magic. They need to shut their mouth and say Pat Mahomes just stuck it to us. Them five yards wasn't going to save us.

- But you got to understand in the flow of a game, that matters. When you're stopping someone's momentum-- When you're saying hey, that play right there that looks successful and all that energy you got from it, we've got to take that back.


- If I came in here tomorrow-- I lost five pounds! I lost five pounds! I lost five pounds! Five pounds, five pounds. That's what you would do? You would be sitting here laughing. Five pounds?

- Because you've got a lot of field to go, man. A lot of first downs. The end zone is far.

- Laughing just like, like that's good, dog. Do you want a cookie? What?

- Right, right, right. You are crazy, man.