Jason Whitlock has a message for Earl Thomas

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Jason Whitlock talks NFL with Marcellus Wiley. Hear what he had to say to Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas on today's show.

- I got a message for Earl Thomas--


- --and all the other current and former players who can't contain their seething animosity toward the NFL. Stop the foolishness. Quit acting like NFL owners raided medical schools, law schools, journalism schools, captured you, and forced you to play professional football. After fracturing his leg on Sunday, Thomas, an All-Pro safety for the Seattle Seahawks, gave the Seattle bench the middle finger as he was driven off the field on a cart.

Thomas is bitter the Seahawks refused to give him a third new contract before this season. He sat out all of training camp before reporting to work and skipped multiple practices during the first month of the season. Earl Thomas believes football has been unfair to him. Really? Is there any other profession that would pay Earl $50 million before age 30? Even with a broken leg ending his 2018 season, I bet Earl can earn another $10 to $25 million in the NFL before his career ends. I'm supposed to believe Earl is some sort of victim of the NFL exploitation? Stop it.

Earl, like a lot of players, is caught up in the media-driven delusion that the NFL is this evil, racist institution that takes advantage of its entertainers. Yeah, Earl thinks he's in the music industry. He thinks he's Lil Wayne, and that Seattle owner Paul Allen is Birdman. Or maybe Earl is old school. Maybe he thinks he's Ice Cube, and Paul Allen is Jerry Heller. My point is-- if Earl Thomas wants to know what exploitation looks like in the entertainment industry, he needs to look at the music industry and Hollywood.

It took four years for Lil Wayne to drop Tha Carter V, because Cash Money Records treated him like a slave. It's a common practice in the music industry. Suge Knight hung Vanilla Ice over a balcony. Earl, have you ever heard of a Hollywood casting couch?

I'm don't even have to leave the sports world to look at-- just look at combat sports, and how fighters constantly complain about the power promoters wield over them and their paychecks. But damn, I'm glad y'all set it off. Used to be hard, but now you're just wet and soft, looking like straight bozos. I saw it coming. That's why I went journo.

MARCELLUS WILEY: Oh, oh. So Fat Joe is Ice Cube now. Is that who you are?

- I am Ice Cube. Sometimes you've got to serve it straight, no chase. Only way they can hear you-- Earl Thomas is no victim. The modern-day business of football is relatively fair, even without guaranteed contracts. Most of you, Marcellus, don't understand the industry you work in. You're not allowed to study your profession in school-- you play your profession, but you don't remotely understand its nuances.

You let the politically-driven mainstream media guide most of your thoughts. They want you to hate football and believe all ownership is morally bankrupt. So you do. You left college at 21 or 22 and walked into an industry that treats its best and brightest like royalty. You earn millions, you barely have to practice anymore, the league has made hard hits virtually illegal. A bunch of old football players believed in something and sacrificed everything so that modern NFL players could be at the top of the sports food chain. Act like a man. Show a little gratitude, and respect the game that has made you rich beyond your wildest dreams.