Marcellus Wiley shares all the responsibilities it takes to be an NFL franchise player

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Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley talk NFL. Hear what they had to say about being a franchise player in the NFL these days.

- Here's the thing that Earl Thomas has to respect-- that being a franchise player doesn't mean you have to be just a quarterback. Franchise player's based on what we give you and what we invest in you.

So when you're a franchise player, these are some of your duties-- when the owner's grandchild comes to the locker room-- I don't give a damn if you're getting dressed or not-- shake his hand, take that picture. It also means when we go into the community and we meet all the CEOs and we're doing our marketing strategy and selling season tickets, need you at the head table with a smile just making sure everyone feels good about supporting this organization.

It sounds crazy, but this really boils down to professionalism. When you're under terms, I understand, let's speak quietly about changing these terms. But, like you said, those tactics and flirting with another franchise, that's not going make me any more eager to try and go out there and help you.

- Last thing I'll say on this is he chose a bad strategy.

- Big time.

- Go the Le'Veon Bell strategy if that's what's in your heart. I thought Tony Dungy said this well on "Football Night in America" in terms of like-- he analogized this a bit to Vontae Davis. And Vontae quit on his team and here's a guy acting like he hates the Seattle Seahawks and I'm giving him the finger as I'm leaving the field.

It's like, if that's the way you felt, man up and do what Le'Veon Bell is doing. Le'Veon Bell-- and we'll get to this later in the show-- his value keeps going up.

- Yeah.

- He's actually improving his situation, in my opinion, because the Steelers can't get it done without him and Big Ben is no longer Big Ben, he's Medium Ben. And they need Bell. And so he shouldn't have shown up, he should have played it like Le'Veon Bell.

- To your point, you can't serve two gods. Either hold out, be gangster with it, Le'Veon Bell, or come in and play ball the right way and stay within the confines of the team.