Greg Jennings is concerned about Philadelphia’s quarterback situation

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Greg Jennings explains why he's concerned about Philadelphia's quarterback situation after Nick Foles hurt his shoulder in their first preseason game.

- Doug, if we looked at them this off-season, we would say the Eagles have the best quarterback situation in the league, right? You got a guy who was the MVP leader probably in November last year, Carson Wentz, and a guy who just won the Super Bowl MVP. So now I'm on a panic because maybe Nick Foles got hurt last night. They still have, according to Pro Football Focus, the best offensive line in the NFL. Yes, ahead of the Cowboys. That's how they graded out last year.

So, I saw a coach in Peterson who last year schemed Nick Foles to victory against Mike Zimmer's Vikings, the great defense, and Bill Belichick, a great defensive mind. So I have no concerns about the Philly Eagles quarterback situation.

- No concern whatsoever?

- None.

- Wow. I do have concerns, because you do have injuries looming. And to your point, which is what I've said even on Undisputed earlier, this is Nick Foles back in the position where we once first saw him, starting. Not coming off the bench being the second guy taking over a team with no pressure. No, you have all the pressure on you now. Because now our expectation is to see that MVP-type caliber play that you put up in the Super Bowl week one. And what we saw last night, obviously, wasn't that.

And I just don't know if Nick Foles goes down. You mentioned Carson Wentz rushing him back too soon. He's a mobile guy. Coming off a torn ACL, he has to make sure that he trusts his knee to be able to make some of those plays that we saw him make and play at the level that we, obviously, know he's capable of. And to rush him back, it's not good for the Eagles. You need Nick Foles to step in and play great and he he's not doing it right now.