Colin Cowherd doesn’t think Hard Knocks will paint Baker Mayfield in a positive light

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Colin Cowherd explains why he thinks Hard Knocks will not be kind to Baker Mayfield.

- Jared Goff is a vanilla personality. He looked bad, remember that? You're like east, west, north, south, couldn't figure it out. Took his shirt off, you're like, ew. I mean-- and he's a guy that literally-- I mean, seriously, he avoids publicity. He lives in LA and he's in-- he's the quarterback of the Rams, he's invisible in Los Angeles.

Tell me a relationship that got stronger after a reality show. I mean, Kardashians have run through several guys. I mean, that's what reality shows do. They separate, they divide.

- I honestly don't know-- are the Jenners still married, Caitlyn Jenner and Kris-- I don't know.

- I just think reality shows are-- they want dynamic, combustible. It started with MTV's "Real world." They ply you with alcohol, they want stories. They don't want to walk in-- listen, Jeff Fisher and Jared Goff are not big personalities. That thing was a fireworks show. I think it's trouble.