Jason Whitlock thinks LeBron’s off-court activities will diminish his focus on the court

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Jason Whitlock discusses LeBron James' ventures off the court and whether it will effect his play in 2018.

JASON WHITLOCK: When you start scrapping with the president publicly and you start-- oh, I'm starting a school with the Akron public school systems-- all of that diminishes your focus. And that's not a knock, because what I'm saying is the same thing Jim Brown has said.

He retired early-- Jim Brown-- at 28, 29, because he was going to go be an activist and focus on other things. Kobe Bryant, again-- Steve, I hear your point-- but Lebron's not going broke. You know, he's made 500 million. If he blows that, that's on him.

He's not the typical athlete. Kobe Bryant focused on his career for the entirety of his career. And then said, I'm out and I'm going to transition into other things and that's what he's doing. We'll see if LeBron can pull it off.