Jason Whitlock thinks the NBA should be worried about LeBron vs Trump feud

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Jason Whitlock thinks the NBA should be worried about LeBron vs Trump feud. Whitlock believes this could be an ongoing issue, which will lead to protesting in the NBA.

- Trump's audience is the NFL audience, to a large degree. I've never felt that with the NBA. The NBA kind of mocks Trump, considers him a cartoon character. They just kind of laugh. Coaches do. Players do. Stars do. There's no pushback.

So, I mean, here's what we know about the NFL, and I think this is mostly understood. The NFL has very much been about military, law enforcement, the flag, and middle America. That middle America, that Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, that got Trump into the White House. That's his base. And the NBA to me-- it's almost popular to attack Trump.


- Yeah, you're right. You're right. It is popular. It's a badge of honor. You attack Trump. So I think the NBA kind of rolls their eyes at Trump.

- I think they should be a little bit worried about this feud, because I think it's part of a pattern that I think is going to eventually lead to the kneeling coming to the NBA. I see this as LeBron James being positioned and moved into a position to where he's going to take a knee during the NBA season. And I think that's going to be an issue for the NBA, no different than it is for the NFL. I don't think the NBA is going to be allowed to get away with, hey, this problem with black athletes and President Trump, that's an NFL issue. We're out of it. There not out of it.

Because again-- and we got to just talk factually here. LeBron James actually started this. He poked President Trump first. He basically called him a racist in an interview with Don Lemon. And the fact that Trump responded should be no surprise to anyone. If I drive through a drive-through and speak into the deal, and say, give me a Big Mac and fries, when I turn that corner and they got a Big Mac and fries, I'm not shocked. Anybody that knows anything about Trump's history the last 40 years-- you talk smack on him, he's going to talk smack back. I think this is going to be an ongoing thing that's going to lead to some protests in the NBA.