Jason Whitlock thinks the Lakers should consider trading Lonzo Ball

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Jim Jackson and Chris Broussard join Jason Whitlock and Jason McIntyre to discuss Lonzo Ball's maturity level and whether it will cause the Lakers to trade him.

- Listen, apples don't fall far from trees. And so let's say Lonzo did roll away from the father. It ain't gonna be that far. He's still gonna be shaded by LaVar Ball. And I think a lot of this personality that we think Lonzo doesn't have like his father-- I think he actually does have. How else are you making these rap diss tracks if you're not LaVar's child?

- Well, he's getting influence. And I think it's unfortunate in today's world that now general managers have to deal with a lot more in regards to social media, OK? Because guys wanna be superstars within playing the game. They wanna to try to perfect other things other than just their basketball game, and it comes back to hurt.

Chris and I were talking about this-- Kyle Kuzma comes in from the fact-- I think his ego has gotten bigger since he's been here in LA. Unknown, so to speak, in the world of basketball, jumped onto the scene, and now is Kuz. It's Kuz. They're going back and forth. Upside-wise, who has the most upside? Is it LaVar-- I mean, Lonzo?

- I think Lonzo has more.

- Exactly. But I just think that in this situation, it is not a good look in regards to two guys going on social media. If you got beef, or if you wanna clown with each other, do it bro. Have fun at it. But Lonzo went personal. And I don't know how-- type of person Kyle is-- certain things I'm not gonna get over. You start talking about me and my father, somebody I don't know-- that's personal.

- Now I agree with you. And even with all this said, I would not be set on trading Lonzo right now unless LeBron gives an ultimatum, like, I'm not coming if he's here.

- That'll happen.

- Then, obviously, you move him. But if-- let's say LeBron is out of the picture, he's not coming to LA, I'd try to make it work with Lonzo. Now, like you said, Kuzma-- that's something that will sting. When you talk about his dad, and make you consider-- is this dude even my boy? Like, can we even be cool like that?

Now let me say this. Obviously, Lonzo went overboard. Kuzma, though, started it. I mean, they've always gone back and forth this whole year, but he put out this Bleacher Report thing about Player Hater of the Year. He just probably can't rap. If he could rap-- his thing was just his big. He just couldn't rap, so he did this production, though. And Lonzo kind of went another step and did the rap.

- Took it to another level.

- But he obviously went too far.

- I think that Whitlock's spot-on. When you look at last year, Magic Johnson came in February, OK? Then you had the D'Angelo Russell situation. What happened in June? D'Angelo Russell, see ya. I'm not putting up with this Iggy Azalea-Nick Young stuff. He got rid of the point guard, who was the number-two pick.

- Well, yeah. He sure would have before, though.

- Because of extracurricular stuff.

- He didn't live up to his hype before. So he had that in his back pocket.

- This is true. OK, well, Lonzo just shot 30%, Jim.

- He had 35% from the free-throw line.

- He had more than just one year. That's one year.

- 45% from the free-throw line.

- OK, listen. Between the father, the diss track, the not ability to shoot, the circus atmosphere around this-- and we know, as you said, LeBron doesn't play with point guards, OK? Look what happened with Kyrie and LeBron. Like, LeBron wants the ball. I think all signs are pointing to Lonzo's out of here, sooner than later.

- Where you going? Who's gonna take him?

- I mean, call up Milwaukee, call Phoenix. Get me some shooters.

- OK, but if he's [INAUDIBLE] why would a team take [INAUDIBLE] having issues with LaVar, who's gonna take him?

- Lithuania.

- Lonzo Ball is a top-ten jersey seller, OK? When Lonzo went to the Lakers, they got 35 national TV games last year. He's still a box-office draw. Teams like him.

- So why would you trade him?

- And some of them need him. Well, the Lakers don't need him.

- Because he can't shoot.