Jason Whitlock thinks Game 7 between the Rockets and Warriors would have been ‘a great all-star event’

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Jason Whitlock talks NBA with Colin Cowherd, Jim Jackson and Jason Terry. Hear his thoughts on the Golden State Warriors after their win against the Houston Rockets.

- Cowherd, were you impressed by the second half last night?

- I got to be honest. Not every win blows me away, and I'm not discouraged by every loss. 6' 5" PJ Tucker gave the Warriors fits. I think for right now in the NBA, they're the best collection of offensive talent. Kevin Durant can be invisible at 6' 11", defensively. He's supposed to be a rim protector. He's not. PJ Tucker gave him problems. Houston just missed uncontested shots.

Houston was the better team when Chris Paul was healthy. Lead the series 3-2. I kind of looked at this, and I'm like OK, they're the best team now. But I don't-- can't put them in a Showtime Laker. I can't put them with MJ's Bulls. I can't physically put them with the Pistons and the bad boys. I can't. I just see him as a wildly gifted offensive team that mentally and physically, you can get in their head.

- I tend to agree with you. I think last night was a 3-point shooting contest. It would have been a great all-star event. And you know, one team has the three best shooters in the league, and the other team doesn't. And you know, it eventually caught up with Houston. I just wasn't that impressed.

And I know Steph thinks they've had some monumental moment. He's acting like they overcame the 3-1 deficit and LeBron did against a 73-9 team. That's not what happened. Houston couldn't make any shots.

COLIN COWHERD: A lot of them uncontested.

- Yeah, and you know, you've got a 7 foot guy who can shoot over the top of everybody, and eventually he's going to make shots. And Kevin Durant, and then Steph Curry is clearly one of the most special shooters ever. And Klay Thompson is right there with him. They made more three-pointers than the other team. That's all that happened last night.

COLIN COWHERD: Boy, Jason Terry--

- They used to say about MJ when he used to fade away and he was jumping over everybody.

JASON WHITLOCK: You're comparing anybody you saw up there to Michael Jordan?

- I'm just saying, because you're saying you're not impressed because they were just better than everybody.

JASON WHITLOCK: I was always impressed with Michael Jordan.

- So you're not impressed with these Warriors teams?

- Michael Jordan did more than just chuck three-pointers.

- But these are some of the-- three of the greatest shooters our era has ever seen play the game of basketball. Fundamentally, these guys shoot the ball at the high percents I've ever seen. They're so efficient, and there's no deficit that they can't overcome, as you've seen in game six and seven.

- Tell them, Jet.

- No, don't you think though--

- I'm just saying.

- Jet's a shooter.


- He likes shoot, but he's--

JASON WHITLOCK: Love a bunch of shooters.

- I think the impression for me is twofold. One, at the beginning of the season, this Golden State team had to fight complacency because of what they've been able to accomplish. So you've got to fight that all year, of how to get up for each and every game-- and Jet, you understand this-- and then finally get to the playoffs and you play against a Houston team who's more physical. They want it a lot more. They put you in situations where you felt uncomfortable.

What impressed me wasn't that they won, it's how they won. It was the ability for them to lock in when they needed to lock in, to make the plays when they wanted to. They were out-physical. And keep in mind, we talked about the three point shooting. We're Golden State beats you is when KD hits a bunch of two-point shots. When Steph Curry gets to the basket and makes two.

So while Houston was missing three-point shots, Golden State was nick and diming you, just like you do in dominoes. OK, I may not make it three this time, but you missed your three. I got my two. I got my two. Then, next thing you know, two, three, four three-pointers in a row, now the lead is double digits.

I think we go way from looking at how Golden State beat you. It's not always from the three-point line. It's being able to get to the basket and get those easy two points.

- How can you be impressed when the other team misses 27 straight threes?

- I said impressed about how they won it, in regards to-- listen. It was times in that game when they turned the basketball over, they looked pathetic. When Draymond Green was turning it over, but then, you see a couple of occasions when he got in KD's face about not going at it.

And also, to me, this Golden State team is so different. When you put the ball in Steph's hands, that's the difference. You allow KD to run it, things slow down. The minor little adjustments to me-- it's not-- I picked Golden State to win it anyway. What impressed me was, when a team is-- their back is against the wall, how do they respond? That's all we wanted to see.

- And that's what we saw. JASON TERRY: In order if we have to be impressed, though, I need more resistance than Houston offered.

JIM JACKSON: Who's gonna give it to them?

JASON WHITLOCK: Well I mean, more than what Houston--

JIM JACKSON: But who's gonna give it to them?

- They needed Chris Paul out there. Look, the only person to me-- Colin nailed it right off the top. The only person I was impressed with was P.J. Tucker--

- How?

- On both teams.

- But what did Tucker do, other than game two, when he had--

JASON WHITLOCK: I'm talking about even just last night.

JASON TERRY: What'd he do last night?

COLIN COWHERD: Chris Paul-- If Chris Paul plays in the last two games, who wins the series?

JASON TERRY: Golden State Warriors.

JIM JACKSON: I don't know, I still pick Golden State.


In game seven, because I just think that, in that situation, Golden State still has three of the best players in the game.

JASON TERRY: That are champions, that have had that experience of being in a situation where it's adverse, and they can adapt and adjust. That's what champions do. That's why I have this ring on me right here.