Jason Whitock details the impact Tom Brady missing voluntary OTA’s will have on New England’s season

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Jason Whitlock talks NFL with T. J. Houshmandzadeh, Colin Cowherd and Jason McIntyre. Hear what they had to say about the New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

- Whitlock, will this have any impact on the Patriots' season?

- Yeah, again, once Tom Brady breaks the chain and the cycle that's always been there year after year with the Patriots-- and that's what he's doing by avoiding the OTAs-- of course, it's a message to the other 52 guys on the roster and, at this point, 75, 80 guys on the roster that Tom's is not as pro-Belichick and the Belichick way as he had been previously. Of course it's going to have some impact.

- I don't think it will, and here's why. Think about Uber. For two years, nothing but bad PR. They haven't had a bit of good PR in two years, but they have such a lead on their industry. It's why billionaires can make a lot of screwy investments. It would be different if the Jets weren't starting a rookie and the Bills weren't starting a rookie, and the Dolphins weren't totally dysfunctional. But the gap for New England, they can make a lot of fundamental errors. They can whiff on a first round pick. They can let somebody go.

- You've done some good analogies. This is one of your best. Bill Belichick is now an Uber driver. I've never heard that.

- An Uber driver, not even the owner.

- I just think their lead is so great they can make a bunch of mistakes.

- Hey, Whitlock, remind me. Does the season start next month? I've lost track of the NFL calendar. OK.

- It starts in a few months.

- So they start 4 months away. So next month is mandatory mini-camp when Tom has to show up. And this idea that he maybe is drinking sodas all summer and sitting on the couch with Twinkies and bonbons. Come on, man. This guy takes care of himself like nobody's business. The idea that he's not working out and going to be prepared and fine is laughable. No problems in Patriot land.

- It's about a tone. There is a problem. These workouts are voluntary mandatory. Everybody will tell you they're voluntary. You don't show up, your coach is going to call you. Why aren't you here? They're going to make a big deal about it. Publicly, it's not a big deal. Privately, it's a huge deal. He's gone every single year. They ask him, do you feel appreciated by New England? I plead the fifth. That means, no, I don't feel appreciated. And so, this is his way of saying, you gotta show me that you appreciate me. We should have won a Super Bowl, but you didn't want to play Malcolm Butler. You've got to explain to us why. Tell me why. What did he do? Why?

- I agree with you, but does it translate to Ws and Ls?

- Well, let me quote an authority, a respected authority, over this.

- Who?

- Tom Brady. In 2013, here's what Tom Brady had to say about voluntary workouts, OTAs. "You think, God, it's just another OTA in the springtime and it's not that important, and all those things that could probably enter your mind. But the truth is this lays the foundation for the start of training camp. If you have a good training camp, it usually means a good start to the season. And a good start to the season leads to a good position entering the second half of the season, which leads to a good playoff. So everything ends up having some significance to it."

- It just doesn't matter this year though.

- No, I'm not saying-- again, I believe it matters. I just think it's the weakest division easily in football. Listen, there's the possibility the Jets and the Bills will start rookie quarterbacks and the Dolphins have been chaotic for a decade. Nick Saban can make a lot of mistakes. He's still winning the SEC.

- Look, we're going to get into this at the end of the show. But are you not watching what's going on in sports? Crazy things happen. The Vegas Golden Knights, an expansion team, are playing for the Stanley Cup. You're telling me that something crazy couldn't happen with one of these AFC East teams? Particularly if the Patriots start leaking oil? Would it be more preposterous for the Jets or the Dolphins to somehow unseat the Patriots, or for the Vegas Golden Knights to be playing--

- No, you're talking about crazy things in sports. You know what's crazy? Tom Brady at 40 winning an MVP award. Still at the top of his game. Again, 3 months to the season, Whit. 3 months. You don't think they're going to patch things up?

- Let me ask you this. Let me ask T.J. This. OK, let's just say-- because my theory is, yeah, Belichick and Tom Brady are strained. But you've been in lot of locker rooms, T.J. Quarterbacks-- Marino, Elway, they've struggled with coaches. What if Belichick and Brady just don't see eye-to-eye. They can still win.

- And that's fine. They don't have to get along to win because Belichick is a defensive guy, so Brady doesn't interact with them as much as he would an offensive head coach. But why are we talking about the Patriots winning the division? They aspire for things higher than that. Winning the division? So what that the Bills and the Dolphins and the Jets are-- they got to compete with the Steelers, the Ravens, and all the better teams in the AFC.

They're looking beyond their division. It's not about winning their division. We consider that to be a foregone conclusion that the Patriots are going to win their vision. You need to talk about the better teams. When they play the Steelers, is this going to come back to bite them in the butt that he's not there with his guys?