Chris Broussard: Cleveland shouldn’t regret trading Dwyane Wade back to Miami

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Chris Broussard and Dahntay Jones join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Dwyane Wade's huge performance in Game 2 against the Sixers.

- Cowherd, do you the Cavs regret giving up on Dwyane Wade?

- No. Listen, do you ever read those stories-- about every five years there's a story where they bury somebody alive? Like, I think I've buried Dwyane Wade seven times, and then he has one of these games and you're like, he's still great.

But let's be honest about him. This is an outlier. His two biggest games were against the Sixers. He does this to us. Five years ago he was missing playoff games, and we were burying him then. This is why he's just Jeter-esque.

His best, he always saves them-- three or four times a year, three years from now, he's going to pull one of these games out. This is just who he is. He's 36, though.

- Yeah, he's an April, May, June player.

- Yes.

- And so that's why you keep him around and you don't overreact to what's going on in December, January, and February. You keep this guy so at some point you can take out a little bat and break the glass window, and bring him out and he'll win you a playoff game. This is exactly what the Cavaliers need at playoff time, a guy like Dwyane Wade, a guy like Andre Iguodala, that playoff proven who can get it done at this time of the year.

- No, no, no. No regrets. That was very impressive. That was great.

He's got one, maybe two games like that if they get to the Eastern Conference finals in the playoffs.

You know it, Dante, when you're an older player, it's not that you can't go out and have one or two great games. It's that you can't do it consistently. And Wade cannot do this consistently.

- Wasn't he in Chicago last year for that six-game series against Boston, led by Isaiah Thomas? The Bulls lost four straight games. Dwyane Wade shot 37% from the floor, averaged 15 points. In game six-- decisive game six-- one for ten, two points.

Come on, this is one game.

- He was a starter. He was a starter. Now he's in the right role for


- --role in Cleveland.

- I say no for different reasons. I think Dwyane Wade belongs in Miami. That's it. Point blank. He's what they need.

It wasn't the right fit in Cleveland. It just wasn't. You can throw a bunch of stars on one team-- and people-- and say, yeah on paper this works. But the personalities, and for the rest of the team-- not for LeBron, but for the rest of the team he wasn't the right fit. Jae Crowder wasn't the right fit. Derrick Rose wasn't the right fit. That doesn't mean that they can't play basketball anymore, it just means they weren't the right fit for that situation, that style of play.

Some teams-- some players need a motion set, they need to feel that they're involved. Some people need structure. They just didn't have what they needed in Cleveland. So it just is what it is.

I don't think he can't do this again. I think that he's what they need in Miami. He's that presence, that championship DNA. Yes, he can be that for that set of guys, for that group. But he just-- he just wasn't the right fit in Cleveland, so no.

- By the way, his two best games this year have been against Philly. Potentially he matches up well with Philly.

- No, no, no. He's a great match-up. A friend sent me a cut-up of Dwyane Wade versus Philly, and it's really impressive. This is the right match up for him.

But again, show me-- who on this Cleveland team, this supporting cast, particularly the new guys, that's going to win a game for Cleveland during this playoff stretch. Because again, if you go look at what-- and again, I'm not caping up for Derrick Rose or any of these guys, this is very early in the playoffs. But look--

- You think? So now it was a bad trade-- it was a bad trade now? Good Lord.

- Nance, Hood, George Hill, Clarkson. Are any of them going to win a game the way Dwyane Wade just won a game for the Miami Heat?

- OK, but Chris's point, even when Dwyane Wade was in his prime, he was never a great three-ball shooter.

- No.

- And as he's lost his ability to elevate, he doesn't shoot a terribly high percentage consistently now. So even though-- I mean, and I love Dwyane Wade. I mean, I buried this guy like six times. This is not the way the league is. He just had a great Dwyane Wade night. And it's just rare.

- In Cleveland with those old players they had, Dwyane at his age is not a great defender. He has some nice steals and stuff last night, but not a great defender. So you put him out there with other old players, and he can't shoot the three, it wasn't a good fit. Because if I'm not going to stop you, I better be able to shoot threes and outscore you, and Dwyane couldn't do that. It was just-- it was too much of a--

- He didn't hit it three last night, and they beat the Sixers who were on a 17-game winning streak.

- But he was hot last night. He wouldn't have got those opportunities in Cleveland.

- He was hot. He had shooters around him. He would have been-- he wouldn't have the right personnel to do that in Cleveland. Like, he needs the ball in his hands, he needs shooters around him, he needs the space to work his mid-range game.

In Cleveland, he didn't have that. If LeBron's on the court, he's not necessarily a shooter--

- Exactly.

- It's just the wrong situation for him rather than what he has in Miami right now.