Jason Whitlock details why Robert Kraft should be taking back control on the Patriots

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Jason Whitlock, Colin Cowherd, Ray Lewis and Jason McIntyre offer up their opinions on Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots. What is next for the Pats?

- Whitlock, you think Robert Kraft should be taking back control of the Patriots?

JASON WHITLOCK: Yeah. He's got an old head coach that, I think, is 66. He's got an old quarterback that's 40, 41 years old. He's the guy. It's his team for until he goes on. And, so, he's going to be there longer than Belichick and Brady. So, yeah, he needs to be in control and re-establish himself as the visionary of that franchise and set that franchise in motion for the next 10, 15 years.

- Kraft meddled with Belichick, and it didn't work. Kraft meddled with Parcells, and it didn't work.


- Well I mean--

JASON WHITLOCK: What meddling?

- I mean, if I want to--

JASON WHITLOCK: Garoppolo, or--

- I want to go to the grocery store. Garoppolo. You hear the Parcells quotes. Remember Parcells, years ago? I should have--

- Yeah.

- I should-- if I have to cook, I should get to shop for the groceries.

JASON WHITLOCK: Let me tell you what Robert Kraft would say. Parcells doesn't have five Super Bowls. I do.

- OK.

JASON WHITLOCK: Bill Belichick won five Super Bowls with me meddling, or whatever you want to call it.

- What was New England before Belichick got there? They weren't very good. OK.

JASON WHITLOCK: Who hired Belichick?

- Here's Belichick.

JASON WHITLOCK: Who hired Belichick?

- Robert Kraft, and then got out of his way and let Belichick run football.

JASON WHITLOCK: He hired him.

- Well, just because you hire somebody-- if somebody hired you and then, every day, came down and said, here's you have to lead the show with, second the show, third segment--

JASON WHITLOCK: He ain't doing that. He ain't remotely doing that. He came in one or two times and, hey, man, I'd like for this to happen.

- Listen, guys. I'm going to check your temperature. I gotta check you, man.

But, no, listen. Listen. Everybody understands-- sees change must come in New England. It's inevitable. It's happening.

- Right.

- Right? Belichick's time is coming. Brady time is coming. It's coming.

And the only person that may be there in another two, three years is Robert Kraft, along with Lamar Jackson. You got to start over. And, I think, everybody's feeling that.

- Yeah.

- And I think Brady's feeling it.

- No, no--

- I think, you know, everybody on that team--

- This-- well, you guys are saying the same thing, basically. You can see the end coming.

- Yeah.

- This team has a leak. It's like the Trump White House, man. It has a leak every 15 minutes.

JASON WHITLOCK: And, so, why can't Robert Kraft-- because this story is based on that Robert Kraft was the guy that talked Josh McDaniels into staying. And, so, why can't Robert Kraft be saying, I've got to find my next Belichick.

- Yeah.

JASON WHITLOCK: And I've got to find my next Brady.

- Absolutely.

JASON WHITLOCK: And-- and-- and, again, I'm going to treat them the same-- whoever the new guys are, Josh McDaniels, maybe Lamar Jackson, maybe Mason Rudolph, who knows. I'm going to treat them the same way as I treated the guys, Belichick and Brady. I'm going to give them free reign, until it reaches a point where I feel like I've got to step in and say, no, do it this way.

- You had a pretty good point, today, about you two. You're not bad, either.