Jason McIntyre is confident Tiger Woods will miss the cut at The Masters

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Jason McIntyre and Jason Whitlock talk Tiger Woods. Will the golfing great miss the cut at The Masters in 2018?

- McIntyre, after we saw Tiger today, are you confident in him this weekend?

- Yeah, I'm confident he's going to miss the cut, Jason. I got a bad feeling about this, honestly. Listen-- the pressure, the spotlight. This is a guy who has not made the cut at a major in seemingly forever. I think I was like a toddler, maybe, when that happened. Like Jason, I've seen nothing from Tiger today that inspires confidence. Two weeks ago, yes, but today, you see anything?

- Yeah, I saw quite a bit. I mean, look, the lead-- he's only four or five strokes off the lead right now. He's certainly--

- Though he was the betting favorite coming in.

- I get it. But again, it's the first round of the Masters. He's 1 over, the course is playing hard. He'll be perfect-- he's-- he's perfectly fine right now, in terms of having a chance to make the cut and even still be competitive and--

- I've already--

- --have a chance to win.

- I've already teed up the choking emoji that I'm going to text you when Tiger misses the cut.

- The main reason you're wrong is seriously, he-- he parred all four of the par 5s. That will not happen again tomorrow. That will not happen on Friday. He will score on the par 5 and he'll be just fine. If he had just made two birdies on it, he'd be perfectly fine. We'd talk about him being 1 under. He was fine. He went into the water, I think, on 12-- that was a big error. Other than that, it's not-- you're acting like he did what Sergio Garcia did.

- He did not have a--

- Sergio went into the water five times on the same hole. He went full "Tin Cup."

- Are you going to be wearing red tomorrow in honor of Tiger?

- Nah, I'll wait till Sunday to wear red.