Jason Whitlock’s reaction to Kyrie missing the rest of the season and playoffs

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Jason Whitlock offers up his opinion on Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics. What can we expect from the squad after the latest news regarding Kyrie's injured knee?

JASON WHITLOCK: This is a bad sign. They had Isaiah Thomas and injuries wrecked him. Gordon Hayward comes, injuries wrecked him. Kyrie Irving has knee problems now, had health issues at Duke. I am now of the opinion Kyrie Irving is a bit fragile. He may not have the body to reach the greatness of his talent. I'm of the opinion I don't think things are going to work out. This split from LeBron and moving to Boston I don't think is going to work out for Kyrie Irving. Eddie, what's your reaction to this move?

EDDIE HOUSE: Well, the rest of the season is pretty much a wrap for them. It started off with Gordon Hayward, his injury. Kyrie going down, now I don't think they can find that punch. everybody. Was thinking maybe Gordon Hayward was going to come back, but Brad Stevens nixed that. Now, with Kyrie down, I mean, who's that dynamic scorer, who's the guy that you go to, who's the closer?

JASON WHITLOCK: Boston's dead.

EDDIE HOUSE: Yeah, Boston's hurt for the rest of the season. But as far as Kyrie in Boston, I don't think that's going to be a problem. I think he'll heal up.

JASON WHITLOCK: He's not fragile?

EDDIE HOUSE: He's been hurt. There's been a lot of people that's been hurt. But this one right here was due to the injury, he had before and the screws getting infected. So that has nothing to do with him being fragile. He didn't reinjure something. Something that somebody put inside of his body, it started going wrong. So more information on how does that go wrong. Four to five months on recovery, that's a long period of time. So it's a little serious to me.

OLDEN POLYNICE: Boston is done, like you said. I see them getting knocked out in the first round. They just don't have enough firepower. And we kind of saw that after Hayward got hurt, but now, the reason this is bad is because they expected him to come back. So their mindset was well, we'll get them for the playoffs. And now we see that he's not going to be back for the playoffs. And those guys-- Rogier's done a nice job subbing in for him, but I just don't see them going past the first round.

JASON WHITLOCK: What do you think about Kyrie's future?

OLDEN POLYNICE: Kyrie's future is in limbo right now because of this injury. And I kind of have to agree with you a little bit. I think there is some fragile-ness to him, because we've been seeing this over the years, and this is not the first time.


OLDEN POLYNICE: Exactly, and so I do see, the more it happens, the more I'm going to say, hey, you have a fragile body.



JASON WHITLOCK: McIntyre, hold on.


JASON WHITLOCK: Tell me something--

OLDEN POLYNICE: His body's rejected something for a reason.

JASON WHITLOCK: Tell me something sexier than Boston's done. I think we all know that.

MASON MCINTYRE: You guys big karma believers? Remember how you've been bagging on how Danny Ainge treated Isaiah Thomas? Look what's happening to Boston this year.

JASON WHITLOCK: Is that what it is?

MASON MCINTYRE: We lose Gordon Hayward on the first night. And now we lose Kyrie on the cusp of the playoffs. And let me take it a step further. You know how Kyrie left Cleveland. He reportedly told the Cavs if you don't trade me, I'm going to pretend like I need surgery, and I'm going to just sit out the whole season. Well now he needs surgery, and he's out. So--

JASON WHITLOCK: That was karma on himself.

MASON MCINTYRE: Both Kyrie and the Celtics. So it's a nice little marriage. I actually think this is a blessing in disguise for the young Boston players, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown. 20 and 21 years old, they're going to be leading this team in the playoffs. That is a great first step for next year when they add Hayward and Kyrie healthy. I think they'll go to the finals next year.

OLDEN POLYNICE: I like the comment you just said, next year.

MASON MCINTYRE: For next year.

EDDIE HOUSE: I was just getting ready to hit on that. That's going to give them some invaluable playoff experience, even though if they lose in the first round, just to be in the playoffs and see the level is different. It's not the same as regular season. And Jayson Tatum's going to be a hell of a player when he gets older. And so is Jaylen Brown, right now is emerging as one of these really big-time players.

JASON WHITLOCK: Let me just add-- I want to add something, just a little perspective in terms of, oh, it's going to be great for Boston, these young guys are going to get experience. Kyrie Irving has one year left on his contract. And so, now, everything goes in the next year. And what is his future in Boston? Did this Boston thing work? Again, they'll have Gordon Hayward back next year. And so maybe they'll do something together. But everything now boils down to one season for Kyrie Irving in Boston. The four leaf clover organization seems to have run out of luck.

EDDIE HOUSE: Hey, watch what you're saying. I should worn my ring, man.

OLDEN POLYNICE: You know what, Kyrie's going to be all right, because he's going to be a free agent. And so nine times out of 10, players tend to someway, somehow figure out how to have their best season right around free agency.

MASON MCINTYRE: How about this one, Jason? If Kyrie Irving doesn't want to get on board and sign a long-term deal with Boston, guess what, Giannis maybe unhappy in Milwaukee, Anthony Davey in New Orleans. They're not going anywhere. We will trade Kyrie, whatever you want, give us a superstar. I mean, superstars are holding teams hostage.

EDDIE HOUSE: People are lined up for him.

OLDEN POLYNICE: Kawhi Leonard in San Antonio. We don't know what's going to happen here in the next month. He might just say get me out of here.