Jason Whitlock: ‘Paul George is not a superstar’

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Chris Broussard and Eddie House join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss whether Paul George's struggles in OKC will effect his free agency.

- Whitlock, should teams be leery of signing Paul George now, this summer?

- I personally would. I don't think that's going to be the case. I think this season is going to be written off, they're going to take your line of narrative that it's all on Russell Westbrook. But to me, Paul George isn't a superstar. Star, but not a superstar.

Some kind of package, him and LeBron to LA and that makes the Lakers-- I don't buy it. I don't see-- Paul George is shrinking with expectations and the pressure in OKC. The guy whose talking about something wrong with his shot-- not in the first quarter.

Let's go look at his first quarter stats all year. He's much better in the first quarter in terms of points, field goal percentage, three-point percentage. He shrinks in the fourth quarter. He's not a superstar.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, he's a very, very high-end two-way player. And since you're throwing up these crazy graphics, let me throw up a crazy graphic that-- here's eight guys who have left Westbrook. Look what's happened to their game.


JASON WHITLOCK: It never fails. You find a way to weasel him in there every single time.

COLIN COWHERD: If this were a house, this is called data.

JASON WHITLOCK: Unbelievable.

COLIN COWHERD: How come Whitlock gets data?

- Why didn't put that he's about to average a triple-double for the second straight year?

COLIN COWHERD: OK. Do you want to throw that graphic up? Listen, Paul is a very good two-way player. Now--

JASON WHITLOCK: He ain't Klay Thompson.

COLIN COWHERD: He's not-- no! And I don't think he's Kawhi Leonard, if healthy, but he's a very good player. And let me tell you something--

JASON WHITLOCK: Who shrinks in the fourth quarter. He started out good last night in the first quarter, and then just got worse.

COLIN COWHERD: Oh by the way, Kevin Durant, good first half last night, terrible late. I mean, come fourth quarter, it's harder to score because guys play defense in the fourth quarter.

- Yeah, they do. And as far as the two-way player, to your point, there's not too many in the league. Paul George is one and that's at a premium. Jimmy Butler is another one. Kawhi Leonard, when he's healthy, Klay Thompson, and Giannis. Maybe Joel Embiid.

- Durant now.

- Durant is starting to become, but not really like an on-ball defender like that, more so protecting the rim and things like that. But I wouldn't be leery if-- I think he's a very good player.

His numbers didn't go down. He's averaging 21 with OKC. He averaged 18 at a career with Indiana. So his numbers went up at OKC. His shot, just a little bit down, a little bit. But I still think that this guy is a very, very unique player and--


- No.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, come on.

- How many superstars are in the league?


- You know, superstars is different. He's a star though.


- I'm going to break it down for you, Whitlock, because I hear where you're coming from. He's not the number one player on a championship team.


- All right. We know that. He's a max player, but he's not your number one guy on a title team. So if I'm the Lakers-- because that's where he wants to go-- if I can only get him, if I can't get LeBron, I don't think I'm paying him. I'm not going after him.

Because in four years-- I'd say, in two years, I think Brandon Ingram may be better, Julius Randle may be better. Kyle Kuzma probably won't be a two-way guy, but offensively, he may be as good or better. And who knows with Lonzo. So if he's the only one I can get, I think I leave him alone. The problem is, to have a shot at LeBron, I think you have to get George.

And I don't mind him if I have LeBron. If George is going to be my second guy, I'm cool with him. But as my number one guy with all the young talent in LA, I'm with you, I think I'll leave him alone.

Now, Philly. Philly is going to have cap room. If they can't get LeBron, George, to me, would be a wonderful consolation.

- [INAUDIBLE] shooter.

- Can he handle being the third guy? Because that's what he'd be--

JASON WHITLOCK: That's what he is though. He's the third guy. Again, he's number two right now and he's failing.

- I'm not sure if he'll be number three offensively in Philly because--

- Well, Simmons--

- Yeah, Simmons is more of a facilitator.

- So that'd be a good-- I think that'd be a great place for him.

COLIN COWHERD: But don't you think it's interesting that his worst month ever is with Westbrook? Just saying.

JASON WHITLOCK: Oh no, listen, I think there's a legitimacy to what you're saying. No, I really do. I think--

- Is it is worst month ever? Come on.

JASON WHITLOCK: I think there's some legitimacy to what you're saying, but at the end of the day the guy had all season. OKC had some expectations, he's not meeting them, not anywhere close. And Lord help me, we didn't even get to Carmelo, who--

- Oh, god.

JASON WHITLOCK: Literally, I feel like I can wear Carmelo's shorts now, he looks so damn thick.


It's embarrassing.