Chris Broussard: Jason Whitlock could coach the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals

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Chris Broussard and Eddie House join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Tyronn Lue's return to the Cavs bench and whether it will make a difference.

- Cowherd, do you expect the Cavs to keep rolling once Tye is back.

- I do. The East is a mess, Kyrie Irving's out, John Wall's minutes restrictions, Joel Embiid now is hurt. Listen, man. Everybody thinks they're getting it over on LeBron and he's going to play 82 games. When we write the book on LeBron, we're going to talk about points and assists and rebounds and titles. There better be a chapter really early on durability. The whole league is hurt. The Warriors four stars, the Eastern Conference is falling apart. LeBron's going to play all 82 games. Oh by the way, about 40 minutes a night.

Man, I'm telling you. I'm more impressed with his durability than I am everything else, and I'm really impressed with everything else.

- Well, I think they better keep rolling because they just went 8-1 without him. And I think last night, the beating they put on Toronto, the best team in the East allegedly, was a final statement by LeBron-- This is how I want to play, this is how I'm willing to play, this is how I can get. Because I thought LeBron was very good last night.


- I thought his teammates were better and I thought it was because of LeBron's attitude. It was like, damn, this game is really important to LeBron. And so I think this 8-1 stretch with the exclamation point of taking out Toronto in the fashion they did, control that game from start to finish, embarrassed me, Kyle Lowry and to DeMar DeRozan. There's some pressure on Tyler.

- Whitlock, I think you could coach the Cavs and they'd win the East. I mean, really, it doesn't matter. Same with the Warriors. Steve Kerr is out, Luke Walton coaches them, Mike Brown coaches them and they roll. I think the Cavs are rolling. To your point, the East is so bad. Cavs are a really good team, and I'm to give them a shot in the finals. But I'll say this, if they were in the West I don't think a first round exit would be out of the question. I wouldn't pick them to lose in the first round.

JASON WHITLOCK: What's your takeaway after watching them last night?

- Oh yeah, they're good, but they're not--

- The West is different.

- Yeah, the west is a different animal. I'm not saying they would lose in the first round, but they could.

- Come on, some of that last night, Jose Calderon ate--

- 19 points.

- --the Raptors up.

- Again, to me-- LeBron's body language demanded that everybody play well.

- I wanted to know if you know something I don't know. You call it ex-champion. Did somebody give you call and tell you something that I don't know? But, they're going to still keep rolling. Like you said, it doesn't matter who's coaching them. This is a veteran team. When you have a veteran team, the coach is not as important because they pretty much police theyself. The coach is important in coming out of timeouts, in making in-game adjustments, that's where the coach is important for a veteran team. For a young team, a coach is important to be over the top of them, making sure they're getting their film in, and you have to do a lot more coaching with a young team. But this team, with LeBron pretty much as a coach on the floor, Jose Calderon, he's playing well because he's a veteran, and Kevin Love coming back, he has energy, he's energized.

I think it's not going to bother him at all. I see them walking right through the East. Toronto was the only team that-- maybe Toronto, Philly maybe, but Philly is beat up, but we seen what they did to Toronto.

- It's amazing. A month ago they were in crisis stage. The question now is, are they going to breeze through the East. It's pretty remarkable.

- And that's why I have to say, this is sparked by this nine-game run without Ty Lue. And I'm just-- maybe it was just me, but LeBron didn't look a little bit more determined last night? I thought on the defensive end, the way he celebrated some plays, and was, like, yeah this is what-- I just, though, like, last night he was putting-- making sure Toronto knows that we're going to get you all in the playoffs. Just so, you know, reminding them, but also I thought it was just about this style of play. I think there's some pressure--


- How different you think they're playing than with Ty Lue? I mean, in terms of style.


I think they're playing the same way.

JASON WHITLOCK: They kept Love coming and stretching the floor.

- In fairness, remember, when Ty Lue was there, they were injured.


- Love came back right when Ty Lue stopped. So they're a lot healthier now. And remember Hood and guys sat out for a little bit.

JASON WHITLOCK: Calderon wasn't in the rotation with Ty Lue and I know George Hill is hurt now, but Calderon starting--

- He was in and out.

- --getting to play.

- Yeah, he was in and out.

- They had times where Ty Lue played.

- Well, I'll tell you what, since February 1st I haven't seen anybody as old as LeBron, at 33 years old in his 15th season, play this well. And if you-- the last couple of weeks he's been dunking on cats.


- You know, he normally hasn't doesn't--

- Some of his best dunks.

- --do that. Yeah, some of his best dunks of his career. Most of the time he finishes with the left hand layup or he finishes with a layup. He's putting these boys in the basket now, and he's just on another level. He looks like he is on a mission to your point. I think he has a good enough roster around him, solid veterans, Kevin Love can knock down shots, you've got Clarkson coming off the bench, Rodney Hood. I think they have a really good team to make a run. Now, will they be able to keep up hitting those three-point shots when it comes to the Finals? That's the question.