Rob Ryan on Jim Mora: ‘I’ve never heard a coach say something negative about his first round quarterback’

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Rob Ryan and Jason McIntyre join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss former UCLA football coach Jim Mora making negative comments about former quarterback Josh Rosen.

COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock, do you think Mora likes Rosen?

JASON WHITLOCK: No, I really don't. And I hate to say that, but, yeah, I don't think he's doing this kid any favors at all. I think that Jim Mora is making it crystal clear-- look, man, this guy is not all-in on football. He wants-- his agenda coming into pro football isn't, how can I be the next Joe Montana. It's how can I be the next spokesperson for the cause that I believe in, and football is a tool to get me there.

And so I think Jim Mora had some problems, clearly, with Josh Rosen at UCLA. And is taking some potshots at the kid that I think is unfair and he should stop-- but, if I'm an NFL coach or a general manager, I'm like hey, I appreciate this, Jim.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, I mean, I love my kids. I can be critical of them. What is Mora saying that is a new discovery? Like he's not unveiling something that any of us doubt. Jim is saying, listen, if the kid goes all-in on football-- that's the pre-Mora criticisms.

Like you just said a couple of minutes ago, everybody's got a profile. I mean, I'm going to dinner tonight with an NFL GM. He knows Josh Rosen's social security number, his birthmark. So Mora is-- now, you could say, he's confirming information that's out. That's certainly plausible.

But I've got kids. I'm critical of my kids. I'll talk to my kids. I mean I-- if Josh Rosen is struggling with this, that worries me.

ROB RYAN: Yeah, I mean, I don't think it's-- I just think it's weird that he's using his platform every single day to talk about Josh Rosen. I don't get it. I never heard a head coach say something negative about his first round quarterback, ever. This is strange to me. I don't get it. I mean, maybe he just wants a daily--

- Brian Kelly went after DeShone Kizer.

COLIN COWHERD: Brian Kelly was tough Kizer. Geno Smith [INTERPOSING VOICES]

ROB RYAN: Those are second rounders, but yeah, you're right.

JASON MCINTYRE: What did Dabo Sweeney say last year about Deshaun Watson? You pass on him, you're missing out on Michael Jordan. Tell me this, guys, what has Lincoln Riley said about Baker Mayfield leading up to the draft? Anything? Have you heard a word? Clay Helton on Sam Darnold, anything? I haven't heard a darn thing.

JASON WHITLOCK: Hold on, let's add of just a little bit of clarity. Lincoln Riley is still the coach at Oklahoma and has to recruit players. Jim Mora's out of coaching.

JASON MCINTYRE: So Jim Mora does have an advantage there. But, at the same time, I feel like Mora is being a little vengeful and vindictive. First three years at UCLA, they were on the upward trend. Then they signed Josh Rosen, right? Top five recruit. Ah, this guy is going to bring us to the BCS, We're going to win a title. And it doesn't work out. Rosen got injured a couple of times. And I think Mora-- who ended up getting fired-- knows, man, my ship has sailed as a head coach in football. I might as well just take it out on this guy, who, I feel like costs me a little bit when I was at UCLA. I think he's being vengeful.

COLIN COWHERD: Could I argue this-- you make your money as a quarterback-- actually, you make your money, for all players, your second and third contract. That's when you get rich. Mora's doing him a favor. If he goes to five, Denver's got real players. That's a real organization. He goes to Arizona, 15-- that's a good organization with a good GM, good owner, and good players.

You make your money in this league not going to the Jets at 3. Getting the you know what kicked out of you and then you're a backup four years later.

JASON WHITLOCK: My issue with that, though, Colin, is this narrative is now going to follow Josh Rosen heavily. In terms of the media, anything that happens with him-- anything that Josh Rosen says-- if he wants to cape up on his social justice warrior mission and he says anything, ah, this is what Jim Mora was talking about. This kid's not all in on football. I just think he's created a narrative that's going to be a weight on Josh Rosen's back, regardless of where he signs.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way, Brian Kelly talked about Kizer, said he wasn't ready. He wasn't wrong. West Virginia's coach questions about Geno, he wasn't wrong.

JASON WHITLOCK: Pete Carroll said Mark Sanchez should stay another year. I don't think he was wrong about that.

JASON MCINTYRE: Sanchez did go to two AFC title games, let's get that out there. Let me also say this-- Colin, you say falling in the draft could help him. It's also costing him some money. You got three versus you go 15, there's a slight difference in salary. I know his family is pretty well off, but, personally, I don't know that he would appreciate that. Do you think he would rather let it depend on what he says and how he performs in the interviews, versus someone else dictating where you go?

COLIN COWHERD: Is it Jim Mora's responsibility to protect players now that he's out of coaching?

JASON WHITLOCK: No, I think-- to defend-- if I was to defend Jim Mora, I think he's launching a hell of a career as a broadcaster.

ROB RYAN: That's what he's trying to do, obviously.

JASON WHITLOCK: Yeah, he's using-- he's using Rosen to launch his media career. And I guess, more power to him.

JASON MCINTYRE: You don't think there's anything wrong with that?

JASON WHITLOCK: No, I think it's wrong, but.

ROB RYAN: And this kid never gave up the 70 points a game that their defense did.