Jason Whitlock: Villanova’s lack of ‘one and done’ players gives them an edge over Duke and Kentucky

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Dahntay Jones and Corey Maggette join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Villanova's lack of 'one and done' players.

COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock, do you think Jay Wright and Villanova has made, say, Coach K rethink his one-and-done approach?

- He should. He really should. I don't like his answer there, in terms of the world change. You don't have to go the way of the world. The way of the world's everybody jumping off a building, everybody's stupid. Jay Wright saw an opportunity. He's like, oh, Coach K is going to come off his game and follow John Calipari. That created an opportunity for Jay Wright and, hopefully, some other teams to go a different direction. I think he shouldn't-- Yeah, you're going to-- Duke's always going to get top talent, but you don't have to have four of the top 11 guys in order to win a championship. I think they'd be better off with some more experienced players surrounding a Bagley and another great-- I'm very suspicious about where this thing next year is going to work.

- Go ahead.

- When you're in a position where you have guys that dreamt of going to Duke their whole life, do you tell them no if they're 1, 2, and 3 in their class in maybe 10? Like, you have kids that have wanted to go to Duke their whole life. And Coach K's in a position where you take the best talent, some of them mature, some of them are not. But maturity is the key, like you said before. Some kids are mature, some kids are not.

And the good teams that work in college basketball, the teams that are mature, you can have an 18-year-old as mature as a 21-year-old. It doesn't matter the age, it matters the maturity level and the ability to learn at a quick pace. So Coach is not really going to change his dynamic right now. He's just going to try to put together the best team possible. Because there are mature teams with the Fab Five. There are mature teams that have existed in college basketball no matter how old the kids were. They were just mature and ready to win.

JASON WHITLOCK: I covered the Fab Five. They weren't mature, but continue.


DAHNTAY JONES: Mature in a basketball sense.

- Again, first of all, we're saying this, but it ultimately boils down to if Coach K always has the best talent, Coach K always has those guys that is going to go 1 through 5 in the lottery. Villanova hasn't had those guys, so they have to stay in order to build their repertoire in order to get to that level. It has nothing to do with Coach K. Coach K understands this. And we coming from this position because we played there.

- Absolutely.

- Coach K understands, good coaches understand when things will change. I was the first player in Duke history that left. Did they like it? No. But Coach K knew that the change will happen. It doesn't matter that the way of the world. You have to figure out how to continue to build that program and that university.

COLIN COWHERD: I thought of Kentucky last night. Calipari has been there nine years, one title-- in the footprint of Nick Saban, who wins every year. Duke's got all sorts of players next year, and Nova will be good. We don't know if Kentucky will be good next year. I feel Nova's pulled away from Kentucky.

- I think Villanova's pulling away from everybody, and Jay Wright right now is the man in college basketball. And I know Coach K is great. But again, Corey, what I'm suggesting, though, is you got four guys coming to Duke at 18, 19 years old who will be thinking about the NBA draft every day they're on Duke's campus. It can't be that way.

- But I think every kid when they're in college basketball, they're playing their best to be in the NBA. Every single guy is preparing for that.

DAHNTAY JONES: Villanova will have this problem.

- They're going to have this problem too. Jay Wright is doing a great job. He has kept these veteran guys, these 21-year-olds, that has a lot of chemistry, cerebral-type of players. But again, if this program continues to do that, more recognition comes, which leads to more TV time, and guys will try to leave early.

DAHNTAY JONES: So what does Jay Wright do? So Jay Wright has been in national championship two in the past three years, two national championships, and that top-tier talent is looking at Villanova now. So now when you have the top-- when you have 4 of the top 12 kids that want to come--

JASON WHITLOCK: You pick your spots. You don't have to take all four.

- You take the best talent available, and you just-- and you make--

- So here's what's interesting, so Villanova's classes-- recruiting rankings-- have gone like 48, 29, 45, 28, 12. What happens if it goes to four? I agree with Whitlock. I don't think-- I think you have to find fits, but I do think it-- not a dilemma-- but I think it will be an interesting moment for Jay when five-star guys want to go to Villanova. But I agree with you that you don't have to take--

- Corey, would you have wanted to play at Duke with three or four other 18-year-olds who were all on the court at the same time? Wouldn't you have had a better chance-- I'm sure you did-- had a better chance being surrounded by some veteran players who could teach you some things? I just think-- Again, I'm not saying-- Again, yeah, everybody dreams about playing at Duke. You don't have to take them all. Hell, I dreamed about playing at Duke. You don't gotta take me, you know?

DAHNTAY JONES: When I came to Duke, I was a transfer from Rutgers University. And Coach K sat me in his office and said, you know what, I have four McDonald's All-Americans coming in, I have McDonald's All-Americans from the past, but all I care about is who competes. Nobody is guaranteed anything in this locker room. Nobody is guaranteed a spot. We've turned away guys who said, I need to be a starter, I need the offense to run through me. OK, we'll let you out of your commitment.

Because it depends on who works the hardest and who's the most consistent. You have a shot just like any other All-American that came-- There was a past All-American or a present All-American, you have the same shot. If you work harder than them, you have a spot. So all this All-American, all these people who are touted to be what it is, some fall off. Some All-Americans fall off and are not pros. It's not a guaranteed equation if you're All-American, you're going to be a pro, and you're going to be successful in college basketball.

- What you looks at, too, you look at with the McDonald's All-American, we've seen multiple teams that have five or six McDonald's All-Americans on their team. And if you're a McDonald's All-American, the world thinks that these guys are going to make it to the pros. But again, you don't know what's going to happen. From Coach K's perspective, if you go there, you're absolutely right. I'm not telling you that you start. You have to be a hard worker. And what Coach K is going to do, he's going to make you a hard worker. He's going to make you a guy that can run through a wall. Ultimately, what the goal is to win a national championship.

- So when they don't win the national championship next year, I'm inviting y'all both back, and we'll have this conversation again. They need to adjust their strategy.