Jason Whitlock doubts that Shohei Ohtani will live up to the hype

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Nick Swisher joins Jason Whitlock to discuss whether Angels phenom Shohei Otani will live up to the hype.

JASON WHITLOCK: I just don't-- I don't see any way he lives up to the hype. I think it's a mistake for him to try to use him two ways. Pick a spot. Is he a pitcher, is he a hitter? What is he? Do you think he'll live up to the hype?

NICK SWISHER: Yeah, I mean, on paper, he sure does look like it. And I think that's the greatest part about that about the beginning of the season, is that there's so much that's going to play itself out I do know this. This is not the best players in Japan. This is the best players on the planet. And the last two-way player that I can remember that was any successful, was Babe Ruth.


NICK SWISHER: And was 100 years ago. So if it hasn't been done by anybody since then, obviously I would love to see this. Because this is kind of like a Steph Curry moment, changes the game. So maybe young kids can have that ability. But these are the best players in the world. If you can only focus on your craft for half the time--

I hope he does it. I also feel like I'm not quite sure that his body is going to hold up to the pitching every fifth day, as well as being ready to play physically on the offensive end as well. I hope he does show-- hey, Bro, I hope you do your thing. Hasn't been done in a long time, man.

JASON WHITLOCK: Yes or no-- does Tebow play in the major leagues this year?



NICK SWISHER: I think he's working his way up.