Will Marlins ownership have an impact on Jeter’s legacy? Nick Swisher doesn’t think so

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Nick Swisher joins Jason Whitlock to discuss whether Derek Jeter's ownership of the Marlins will alter his legacy as a player.

JASON WHITLOCK: All right, Nick, do you think Derek Jeter Marlins tenure could tarnish. This guy's been the Teflon Don, the most celebrated, flawless, spotless athlete out there, and now I think he's going to take a little blowback for dismantling that team and giving away their best players. Do you think this could tarnishes his image?

NICK SWISHER: No, no, no, way, man. We're talking about Derek Jeter. We're talking about the captain. He just took over. We got to give the guy a little bit of time to kind of put a better product on the field. But I do know this, number one, he looked sharp in that suit right there today, for sure. No doubt, G, you're killing it.

And number two, hey, this man has never failed in his life. So let's put it like that. He joined the New York Yankees, they instantly started to win. He joins the Miami Marlins, which hey, it might be a little different type of job, but this man will be successful, no doubt about it, man. I feel like we're giving him a little bit of it now, but it will change.

JASON WHITLOCK: I just think down in Florida, giving away Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees, and everything else they gave away, but giving the Yankees the best home run combination ever. I think that's just going to create some heat for Derek. And again, we saw-- and again, this is different than Tiger Woods. But Tiger Woods was like Jeter, almost untouchable.

NICK SWISHER: Of course.

JASON WHITLOCK: Until the moment he wasn't, then everything was different.

NICK SWISHER: Yeah, but two different things. I mean, if you're going to be an owner for an organization of a sports franchise, what are you trying to do? You're trying to make money, right? The last 10 years, that organization has lost money. So what is happening now is there is a little bit of changing of the guards, and yeah, I understand the product might not be all-star caliber, but in the whole end of the thing, every owner for the Marlins this year is like, oh, man, we're going to make some money this year.