Jason Whitlock on the Rams targeting Ndamukong Suh: ‘I don’t get it’

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Will Blackmon and Jason McIntyre join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss the Los Angeles Rams targeting Ndamukong Suh in free agency.

- Whitlock-- bad fit for the Rams here?

- I don't get it. I've seen-- I don't get it.

- I agree, because--

HOST 1: What don't you get?

- Listen-- Talib and Marcus Peters, they can play absolutely.

- Absolutely.

- Flat out play and help you win games. Ndamakan Sue has always been this great talent who doesn't make a difference anywhere he goes. I've never seen them make a real difference and impact. And so this is one of these deals where, like, Sean McVay is going to throw away all the credibility he built up last year and Les need all the credibility they build up. They put an excellent team out there, and now it looks like they're playing a "Madden" franchise mold and signing big Names.

HOST 3: You know player reputation, Bill.

- Yep.

- OK, I have this sourced that Ndamakan Sue In Miami, like, didn't want to practice, had to be talked into it by veteran players and coaches-- was, like, not a good teammate, OK? OK, that's-- if I know that, the Rams know that. So what's the point? Like, they have Aaron Donald. He's--

- I feel like every coach feels like-- or any gym may feel they can save a player or maybe I can get it out of him. So everyone will take a chance because of that talent, you know? I feel like too when it comes to character, they mention Marcus Peters.

They mention Aqib Talib. My thing is, what is that? What is character?

Is that-- maybe they're just misunderstood, you know I mean? And people say they're a head ache, this and that. They're-- well, show me the arrests. There are no off field issues. There are no whatever you want to call it.

- No beaters.

- They're-- but they're on winning teams, you know what I'm saying? And they're getting it done.

- Are you guys surprised the cornerback is defending a couple quarterbacks?

- Listen, you got to.

- Listen, don't--

- --throw the flag.

- Don't tell me Aqib Talib hasn't had problems off the field, OK? We know--

- He has. He has, yeah.

- And Marcus Peters is--

- But about playing where it's a big deal, you know what I'm saying, where he still came back and bought and became a leader.

- Listen, the Kansas City Chiefs called 31 teams in the league.

HOST 3: Right.

- There were no takers, none, for Marcus Peters. Like, nobody wanted him. They know that this guy's trouble in the locker room.

HOST 1: That sounds so familiar.


- There was a guy-- there was a guy in 2006, I think it was, where nobody wanted him at all and they just written him off. They thought he was trash.

HOST 2: Who?

- I think-- I think it was Charles Woodson. Right?

- That's a good point.

- I think so, yeah.

- But let me ask you about Ndamakan Suh.

- Yeah, exactly. You're saying that now, but they weren't saying that then. They said, oh, he sits on his helmet.

He goes out drinking. He goes to the clubs. He's a, you know, you know what.

No one wants to be his teammate. So when he was a free agent, not once-- not even-- not even to trade him. He was a free agent and not one team wanted to sign him.

And they were, like, hey Green Bay. He said, I"m not going to Green Bay. Well, he's like you don't have a choice. So he went to Green Bay and completely changed everyone's outlook to what you're saying now. Now he's going into the Hall of Fame all of a sudden.

- I think it's optimistic. And maybe Peters will work out. But Ndamakan Suh, we're forgetting, Aaron Donald is the defensive player of the year.

- Exactly.

- He wants to get paid.

HOST 1: That's--

- And now you're going to bring in Ndamakan Suh, who's going to want the stat-- who's going to want to stats, the reps? I think it's a risky move by--

- Let-- let me throw this out there. We know this happens in sports, especially in the big markets. Listen, man.

The Rams are now trying to sell PCLs. The Dodgers are good. Jeff Kelly's at UCLA. Lakers are rebuilding.

HOST 1: Right.

- You've got Trout with the Angels. You've got another soccer team. Is this a PSL move? They're trying to sell him, Jason, right now in a competitive market.

- I get it, but I just don't see Ndamakan Suh selling any--

- But what I'm saying is they're in the news again today.

- No, no, I get it. But this-- look, he had his second chance in Miami and did nothing.

HOST 3: I agree.

- He-- nothing. And so-- and there's this theory. You put him next to Aaron Donald and it's going to set Aaron Donald loose.

I've seen this before, and this goes back. Will, you were probably just a baby at this point-- 1998. The Kansas City Chiefs signed Chester McLaughlin.

And my dumb self went all-- because they had Derrick Tomlinson. They had all these guys and I was, oh-- Neil Smith was already in Denver then, but I was just like, they had Wayne Simmons. They had great corners.

And I said, the Chiefs going to go 16 and 0. They went 13 and 3 the year before. And they signed Chester McLaughlin and a couple other free agents. And they went 7 and 9 and Marty Schottenheimer got fired.

- Did this--

- They brought in a bunch of low character guys that didn't want to play hard all the time, took plays off, and it was a disaster.

- What happened in Seattle this past season? They bring in Sheldon Richardson from the Jets, who the Jets wanted nothing to do with. What happened in Seattle?

Now I know there were injuries, but they imploded. They missed the playoffs. You've got to be careful with the locker room.

- Now, Will, you've been in locker rooms. You can speak to this. Three problem children-- I'll call them that.

Sean McVay is 32 years old. That's a lot of ego to handle.

HOST 3: --good point.

HOST 1: Yeah, that's a great point.

- I just don't see what-- last year, they snuck up on people, right? Goff was out of this world. They snuck up on people. This year, everybody knows they're a good team.

- Right.

- I think there's a lot of risk here going after--

- But that's why when-- when McVay got the job, you know, the main thing was he brought Wade with him. He essentially has another head coach on the team who knows how to handle personalities. He also-- and within the staff, the assistant-- one of the assistant head coaches is Joe Barry, who was a defensive coordinator for the Redskins, so another adult, you know, who knows how to handle big personalities, what have you.

So I just felt like that was a strategic move on his part for that to happen. So that's why they're more comfortable. Once again, it's just a meeting.

They just had a meeting with Suh, and maybe they're digging and trying to figure out exactly what it is. I see it, if Suh does come along, him being not the guy, maybe that will bring all the talent that everybody sees and that dominant factor. So just to be next on-- maybe him and Aaron Donald are talking like, you know, like, listen up. We-- you know, we can--

- I love your optimism.

- We got to go.