Jason Whitlock explains why he expects Floyd Mayweather to fight in the UFC

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Kristine Leahy and Jason McIntyre join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss whether Floyd Mayweather will actually fight in the UFC.

- Whitlock, you think Floyd'll actually fight in the UFC?

- Yes, I do. And, you guys, McIntyre's over here giggling.


- There's a-- and Kristine. Look, there's a reason why he's working with Tyron Woodley.

- Ugh.

- People hate Tyron Woodley because, you know, he's virtually untouchable in UFC. They think he fights a boring style. He doesn't go to the ground. Look. I've been saying this forever. And Floyd'll get smashed in UFC.

COLIN COWHERD: Oh, he'll get crushed.

- He'll get crushed. But what I've been trying to just remind everyone-- it's the money team. If y'all think it's the credibility team, or the integrity team, it's-- there will be a check written, and Floyd will be there to cash, to pick up that-- collect that check. And he won't care.

- Or hold it for years, cause he doesn't cash his checks, remember?

- Yes. Yes. He will be there to collect that check.

- Is it possible-- OK, UFC. Conor hasn't fought in a while. Jon Jones is out. Brock left. Ronda left.

UFC right now could use a little buzz. Why do we have it on the show today? He's creating buzz. Is it possible Dana did Floyd a solid, Floyd's doing Dana White a solid? We're talking about this. We're talking UFC gets buzz.

That sport-- you know, boxing, UFC, and wrestling are similar. There is-- they're very-- promotion matters a lot. We're talking U-- Conor makes you talk about UFC a lot.

- That whole video just shocked me. The fact that he did this on TMZ. And, first of all, how do you know what kind of wrestler you are? You were actually wrestling? Where? And why?

JASON WHITLOCK: Probably in high school.

- And when? And that you know-- what did he say? He was a 7, and that he's going to become a 9, if possible? That's ridiculous.

Also, this was on TMZ, and it was outside of a restaurant. So he wasn't planning on announcing this. This was, he saw cameras, he sees the opportunity for people to start talking about him and trying to hype him up. That's great publicity for Floyd.

But when I think of whether or not he's going to do this fight, I think of two things, when I think of Floyd. Ego and money. So which one matters more to him? We know he loves money. He is the money team. Yes, he would get a giant payday.

But his ego is massive as well. And I think it actually outweighs his love for money because he's going to get crushed. Unless he's going to take some guy that's maybe in his third fight, or someone who agrees, maybe, to lose, which-- that just couldn't happen-- he is not going to want to risk going down to, like, a Conor McGregor, because it would be ugly.

JASON MCINTYRE: So ego outweighs nine figures, Kristine?

- For Floyd, if I'm-- yes. If I'm Floyd, I think--

JASON WHITLOCK: It's not the ego team.

KRISTINE LEAHY: --his ego is bigger.

JASON WHITLOCK: It's the money team.

- Do you know Floyd? Have you listened to him speak?

- It's the money team.

- His ego is-- I agree, it is the money team. And they're neck and neck. But--

JASON WHITLOCK: Money drives his ego.

- --ego wins out a little bit.

- Let's look at one thing. What happened when Conor went to boxing? It was win-win. Money and he lost, but he became more famous.


- What's going to happen--

KRISTINE LEAHY: He didn't have anything to lose.

- What's going to happen when Floyd goes into the ring? More famous, more money. It's win-win. He has nothing to lose here. Who cares if he loses--

- He gets beat.

- --by a choke-out, you know, two minutes in? He still gets nine figures.

- Cause the image of that choke-out lasts forever--

JASON MCINTYRE: He's never done it, though.

- --in those pictures.

- I just-- if I'm Floyd-- Floyd, get in there. Do it.

JASON WHITLOCK: And I want to clear up something. I misspoke earlier, because I'm sitting here. Tyron Woodley wrestled at Missouri. He's someone that can actually help--

KRISTINE LEAHY: Floyd learn how to wrestle?

- --Floyd May-- yeah.

KRISTINE LEAHY: But he doesn't need help--

- Learn how to wrestle.

- --because he already is a great wrestler, apparently.

- No. He feels confident he'll never be on the ground, is what he thinks.


- That's what he thinks.

KRISTINE LEAHY: Again, ego over money.

- But again-- he's got the best hands, he feels like. And what he's said, and what I believe-- he's like, I carried Conor McGregor the first time around. I could have knocked him out and put him away at any time. And so he thinks, if-- if I can figure out how not to get to the ground with Conor McGregor, I'll knock him out in the UFC. But it won't happen.

- Well, one kick to the legs, he's done.

- But remember, also, Dana schedules that-- Dana's not going to put him in a bad spot. I think if Dana--


- Well, because Dana would put him with a fighter that-- his style-- he wouldn't-- it wouldn't be a--

- It's got to be about money, Colin.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, yeah.

- He can't put his--

- But, I mean, Floyd is going to bring the money in. I'll watch Floyd.

- But you're not going to watch him fight-- fight some nobody.

- No.

- Yes, I am.

- He's going to--



- --aim for the top.

JASON WHITLOCK: Not even he kind of money he wants.

- No.

- I would watch Floyd. By the way, Floyd's going to drive you in if you love him or you hate him.

- Why would you watch Floyd fight a bad--

- Why would I watch Floyd fight Conor McGregor?

- Oh, because--

- It's interesting!

- --there's a rivalry.

- So you're saying Conor McGregor's equal to just anyone in UFC?

- No, I'm saying is, why do we watch Usain Bolt run for four seconds, when we know he's going to win?

KRISTINE LEAHY: Because he's Usain Bolt.

- It's interesting. Well, and he's Floyd Mayweather.

- That's a--

- He will get me to a TV.

- From the ego perspective--

- I'll go to a TV--

- --Floyd Mayweather has been reduced to being at the front row at Lakers games, talking to Isaiah Thomas. That's what he does. He's nowhere right now. Since he's been out of that fight, he's at Laker games. I'm sure you guys have seen him, front row. Kristine, you go to the games.

KRISTINE LEAHY: Yeah. That's why he's like, oh, TMZ--

- Yeah, exactly.

- --hello, let me talk to you.

- That's what Floyd Mayweather's been reduced to. He's definitely going to get in the ring. I would say 100%.